ASUS XG Station


It is about time someone came up with an external graphics solution. ASUS's latest tech toy is a dream for those who have been hampered by the weak integrated video processor in their portables.

The ASUS XG Station is a docking solution for your notebook. It houses a PCI-e slot in which you can plug in the latest graphics card (GPU) and an ExpressCard interface to hook up with your laptop. By freeing up video-rendering resources in your system, ASUS claims the device boosts graphics performance by a factor of nine over integrated solutions. The XG Station is also capable of delivering cinematic 5.1-channel surround sound and enables real-time GPU overclocking via a knob. An LED display shows critical system information.

The XG Station will be available between March and April this year, with pricing details yet to be released. The docking station will come bundled with an Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS graphics card.


<ponders and ponders and ponders... then settles on the fact that no laptop he has is capable of playing a game, good video or not... then cries>


Adapter $300
Vid Card $500

Is it really worth it? I mean do you REALLY need to play games on your laptop like that? Using the sweet little nub in the middle of the keyboard, having your lp getting hot. Lappy begins to get hot and overheat...

Pretty cool product though :D