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In the days ahead visitors will be noticed a lot of slightly older threads & discussions showing up in our forums. This is the result of us recently merging the community into Cool Sci-Fi.

Discussion Junkies has a bit of a complex history to it. It was a general discussion site ran by @Azhria Lilu with an emphasis on entertainment topics like movies, TV shows, and books. Prior to that it was and was dedicated to just TV shows. Prior to that it was which was dedicated to a single TV show, Alias with Jennifer Garner. Between each site branding the community was dormant and recently has been dormat for several months.

Though it had a bit of identity crisis over the years the community was active and had some great discussions. And, because it did have some great discussions, when the opportunity came up we decided to acquire & merge the community into Cool Sci-Fi.

Though "sci-fi" is in our name we actually discuss a lot of topics beyond just the genre. Our community members love to talk about movies, TV shows, books (sounding familiar yet? ;)), music, technology, science, music, and anything else that comes to mind. We are fortunate to count among our community members published authors, artists, and various TV & movie contributors.

All of the discussions & member accounts from Discussion Junkies have been brought into Cool Sci-Fi but is not yet visible to everyone. In the days ahead we will be going through the discussions and doing our best to move them to their corresponding forums here at Cool Sci-Fi or, when necessary, creating new forums.

We welcome our new community members! :cheers:
Nearly all of the content has been restored and is now available in the public forums. :smiley:

All of the Alias related content that I could find is in the new Alias sub-form under the TV forum (Alias). There was a lot of dedicated Alias fans! :eek:

Some cleanup still needs to be finished, like making sure link in posts are working and checking for broken images, but all of the actual discussions are out there. If you notice anything weird like missing smilies or broken formatted text please let me know and it will be taken care of it.