Conspiracy Do Ghosts Believe In Aliens?


An Old Friend
Catchy Title Eh?

I'm writing this topic because I live in a world without ghosts, aliens, angels, demons, bigfoot, nesy and all the other manifestations of the masses. What then do I believe in? I believe in myself and what I have experienced. I believe in science and things that make sense.

Lets look at Aliens:
Aliens are supposed as extraterrestrial lifeforms that have traveled to our planet for any number of reasons. They are touted as highly advanced and strange looking with an affinity for stealth.
People are abducted and cattle is mutilated, they draw patterns in fields and inspired the ancient humans to draw pictures of them or create huge messages that can only be seen from high altitude. They never land in a city, they never stick around long enough for an interview and they never, ever leave any technology behind.
Of all the animals they might mutilate, why did they pick cows? Are cows their mortal enemies? Do cows know something about those aliens that we don't? Maybe cows are aliens that got here first and the new aliens have to exterminate them to gain a foothold? Whatever the reason, it is absolutely positive that aliens must see cows as a threat.
Now I ask you to look at your hand. Now, look out a window, at a person next to you, at a tree or a building down the street. Notice the scale of such items in your view. That scale is correct for your size on this planet.
Now try to imagine the scale of things as your pet might see it. How huge is that doorway, how high is that table top, how long is that road? Now lets imagine you are seeing this world from the perspective of a mole. Now the world has a different scale, things that are small to you now are huge to the mole. Shrink your view to the size of an amoeba. Now your world looks nothing like what you are used to. Try to imagine what everything might look like as viewed from a bacteria or at the size of an atom.
On the flip-side, if you have ever flown in an airplane and looked at the ground, the world looks very different from your common view. Think about the pictures of the Earth from the Moon. How about the pictures of the Earth from Mars? The Earth is but a dot in the sky.
Everything you have ever experienced, everything that has ever been written and everyone that has ever lived was on that tiny little dot.
What does this have to do with aliens you might ask?
Every report of an alien encounter has always had the aliens and their craft at our scale. Even huge crafts that are described have human scale occupants and components. Aliens are described as tall and slender or short and skinny. They are all within our scale.
There is a reason why things on this planet are the size that they are. Gravity.
Gravity keeps trees from growing beyond a certain height. Gravity limits how large animals can get.
If aliens are the same scale as us. That indicates that their planetary gravity is the same as ours. It is possible that there is life on a similar sized planet in the Universe. The universe is HUGE. It is filled with stars very similar to our own. The fact that there are 3 planets within our one star system that are of similar sizes increases the chances of other ratios being common. But...we only have this one star system as a fact base. For me, this scale similarity is questionable and reduces the likelihood of truth.

Now lets look at the actual alien being. Nearly every alien has a head at the top of its body, two arms and two legs and a face with a mouth and eyes and sometimes a hint of a nose. In other words - they resemble human beings, weird humans but human all the same.
Now, look at the diversity of life on this one planet. All life here does not resemble humans. A squid does not look like a human, a whale, your dog, a snake, a bird or many other of our own planet's inhabitants. As a matter of fact there are very few animals that resemble us. These are animals that have evolved under similar conditions on one planet and they are very diverse. We have always had a moon. Our sun has always been stable and our ratio of air is shared by all but there is serious diversity in the life of our planet.
Try to imagine a planet that evolved life with different environments. Different gravity, solar radiation levels and atmospheres. Even if they are similar they are wildly different at scale.
The diversity of life on this planet and the planets own evolution over time makes the alien similarities of form another questionable aspect of the whole likelihood of truth.

Now lets look at the alien motives and method of operation. The one that really gets me is their stealth. You have an alien life-form that has literally traveled billions or trillions of miles to come to this planet to do what? Mutilate cattle? Flatten crops? Study humans?
They get in their spaceships, that have working parts that we can recognize, fly across the Universe and risk a landing on an unknown world just to sneak around and cause turmoil? Those very bright lights that are always seen indicate that they still need to light up things to see them. Duh, ever heard of night vision or infrared? With technology that renders inter-stellar travel simple you might think they have better stealth technology that what has been reported. What about all the abduction stories that tell of experiments being performed on people? These high technology aliens that come here are idiots? How many times does it take to examine a life-form, especially with the technology they are touted to possess?
The report that aliens are seen and abduct people for experiments is another questionable aspect to the likelihood of truth.

Aliens are a fantasy and an element of science fiction. Extraterrestrial life very likely exists given the scope of the Universe but I cannot believe that they are here, come here or have been here. Until I actually see one with my own senses I refuse to be gulled into another fantasy world. My world is based on the reality of my life experiences, not someone else's fabrication.