Do you love Science Fiction?

Hello my fellow scifi friends.I have been into science fiction ever since my dad bought me my first telescope about 25 years ago (I'm 42 now).I think I can honestly say I am addicted to the whole alien conspiracy,x-files and ufo's.
So I finally decided to build a website on a passion that has driven my whole life.
It's Online Science Fiction Fan Store and Web Portal. You can find thousands of Science Fiction products, collectibles and gifts for Science Fiction fans, bid on the Science Fiction auctions, buy posters and watch videos.

Enjoy your visit!!!
Please don't be shy to post a reply!!!
Well, "love" is a strong word with all the implications of committment and vulnerability. Let's just say it makes me feel good.
Seriously, I think it's great you're doing this and wish you luck.
I've got one word for you: promotion. Online success is composed of pretty much nothing but dragging in eyeballs and it's a competitive activity. Have fun.