Do you use Twitter?

Do you use Twitter?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • No, but I know what Twitter is

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • No, because I do not know what Twitter is

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Code Monkey
Staff member
I'm looking at some different features to add to the site and one of the items involves Twitter.

So.. do you use Twitter? :smiley:


Avoid A Void
honestly, till just now i didnt know what it was but i went to their site and checked it out. kevin i think it would be a great idea to add to this site and give us, the members a chance to be better connected.


I never understood the point of Twitter. From my understanding you just go on there and post what you're doing.. it seems boring to me.
I have two twitters, one is personal the other is for my forum. I rather enjoy tweeting, it's a good way to find out what others and famous people are doing. I follow Eminem ^.^


Code Monkey
Staff member
Well, apparently we can now use up to 280 characters instead of 140.

On my personal account I barely had anything to say in 140 characters let alone 280. :coffee:


An Old Friend
Never had it.
Didn't do MySpace either.
Stopped using Facebook about a year ago.
Don't do FaceTime either
I have done Hangouts but meh.
I have Skype but barely use it anymore.
I have even cut back on my active forums.
I have Steam but never chat on it.
I have Origin but never chat on it.
I used to be active on Fark but not lately.
I no longer actively blog but I do read some in RSS.
I no longer use Photobucket.
I have nearly stopped pinning at Pinterest.
Stopped using Wild Tangent.
I stopped adding to Wiki.
I never watch porn of any kind (just not into it).
I no longer actively maintain my webpages or forums.

I use restaurant websites to check menus but never order online.
I use store websites to preshop but never buy online.
I still have RSS feeds in my Thunderbird.
I still use email a lot.
I still use Sunbird .
I use youtube a lot.
I chat on movie streaming sites and make playlists.
I use Last.FM and participate there.
I still monitor Gizmo's Freeware.
I use Big Fish Games sometimes.
I still check School For Champions.
I still use links at Wormhole to the Rest of the Internet.
I still look at the CIA World FactBook.
I still use WikiDo.
I'm active at one online dating site but never dated from it (just forums).


An Old Friend
@Tom, I've never even heard of some of those sites/apps! :giveup:
Which ones?
The ones I have mentioned are merely the last 2 years or so. There are hundreds of sites I used to use that I haven't looked at for longer.

Remember the old Geocities webpages?
Google Talk used to be one of my favorite messengers.
Remember Lycos?
I used to surf Alexa Page Ranks too.
I found a lot of interesting stuff on Web100 as well.
Then there was Clipmarks (I think that turned into Pinterest but I'm not sure).
Now there's Buzzle (Good ffor finding worthless graphics).
I still read
The Tower of the Hand is still online Tower of the Hand ~ An Encyclopedia of Ice and Fire
Star Trek Intelligence is still online Star Trek Intelligence

I think twitter is sorted kinda like bookmarks. You can find a twitter account about anything you can think of.
Twitter would be fine if I was pressed for time but I really do like to explore websites and read them.