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Apr 3, 2014
‘Doctor Who’: The First Female Doctor Makes Her Mark

It’s not until someone calls her “madam” and informs her that she’s a woman that she actually slows down to consider the implications. “Am I?” she says, eyebrows raising with mild curiosity. “Does it suit me?”

But she’s quickly back off and running; an alien invasion waits for no one, not even a regenerating Time Lord getting used to her new form (the thirteenth of the series overall). In fact, that question never gets answered directly in “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” the episode in which Jodie Whittaker debuts as the first female Doctor in over 50 years of “Doctor Who.” In fairness, it doesn’t have to; Whittaker’s deft, frenetic, confident performance speaks for itself. Within minutes she’s made it clear that yes, being a woman suits the Doctor just fine........."
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‘Doctor Who’: The First Female Doctor Makes Her Mark (SPOILERS)

Those of us who have explored time travel - done time travel - moved through the
dimensions of other worlds, other times, other universes - We understand that sex and gender
are irrelevant - The sexual dimension that Humans are stuck in has nothing to do with the larger
game plan playing out in real time now.



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Mar 20, 2004
So far the current season with Whitaker hasn't been bad. I think Capaldi had a stronger start but overall I think Whitaker's Doctor is more like 'classic Who' versus Smith & Tennant.


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Sep 29, 2011
I agree. A few of the episodes were powerful. I didn't think there was really awful episode this season, which is better than some of the past seasons. I am bummed that there won't be a Series 12 until 2020, but that's kinda how series are playing out these days outside of American network TV.


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Jan 21, 2013
Xmas special is now the New Year's special, and Chibs is bringing back the Daleks to try and win back some viewers.

After the last three seasons taking a year out is probably a good idea. Bring back Tenant and Davis is my call.


Dec 4, 2018
Where is the topic on this? Judging from the lack of conversation on it...I'm gonna guess people are hating it? Well I love it, and if you do too, come and chat about it here!

Jai :rain:
Nope, not hating it. Just very, very busy the past few months dealing with serious medical issue cross country and funeral stuff. 2019 will see some posts from me.
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