Sci-Fi Doctor Who - Judgement Of The Judoon (Audio Book)


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Doctor Who - Judgement Of The Judoon (Audio Book) - 4.7 hrs.mp4

The Doctor and the Judoon hunt an invisible assassin in the latest of the bestselling Doctor Who novels. The Doctor arrives on New Memphis specifically a spaceport known as "Elvis the King Spaceport" which has grown into a vast city-state. It is set to open Terminal 13 but problems develop and the Doctor faces a lockdown situation. A notorious criminal the Invisible Assassin is at large and Judoon troopers are sent to apprehend him. The Doctor partners with a Judoon Commander and a teenage private detective named Nikki Jupiter. This last character is an homage to the TV series Veronica Mars where a young girl works in her fathers detective agency.

by zzwildbillzz
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