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An Old Friend
Doctor Who Micro-Universe


A Time Lord's transports turn out to be shipshape as a new gaming system launches six cosmic vehicles




The six ships available are:

—Slitheen Cruiser, which we see in season one's "Aliens of London" when mankind's first encounter with an alien spacecraft sees this ship collide with Big Ben's clock tower and crash into the Thames. The Slitheen Cruiser comes with a pig alien play piece.

—Captain Jack's Chula Ship, from season one's "The Empty Child," introducing the character of Captain Jack (later seen in Torchwood), a renegade Time Agent, and his stolen time ship. Comes with a Captain Jack play piece.

—The S.S. Madame de Pompadour, an unusual key-shaped spaceship named after a famous French lady in a superior second-season episode called "The Girl in the Fireplace," in which a ship's clockwork crew seem to be keeping an eye on an 18th-century French child. Comes with a Madame de Pompadour play piece.

—Sanctuary Base Rocket, from the season two episode "The Impossible Planet," which is situated on a planet in orbit around a black hole. Comes with the Doctor in a spacesuit.

—Judoon Patrol Ship, from season three's opening episode "Smith and Jones," in which rhinoceros-like Judoon police track a dangerous alien to Earth and deposit a London hospital on the moon in order to arrest her. This ship comes with a Judoon captain figure.

—The TARDIS, of course. This is a miniature version of the TARDIS, the Doctor's time capsule. This one comes with a Doctor play piece.

  • Model: 5029736027278
These little ships are beautifully sculpted after those that appeared on the show and each comes with a mini figure, they are part of the Micro Universe and playable in the larger game.

Piloted by Captain Jack Harkness, an intergalactic con man and time traveller is on Earth in the 20th Century trying to arrange sale of a Chulla warship to the highest bidder. Looking like a Galactic Hotrod we first see Jacks ship cloaked and tethered to the clock tower of Westminster Palace. At the end of the adventure with a bomb on board the ship is eventually destroyed by a self destruct command but not before Jack escapes.

Time Period - Unknown
Range - Hyperspace Capable
Engines - Unknown
Crew - Human/Nanogene
Weapons - Rockets and Cannons
Shields - Assumed