Does anyone here read classics?

I am going to finnish reading a number of classics in preparation for classes that I am going to take eventually. I just got back to "King Lear" By Bard- aka Shakepeare. I will also get back into "The Iliad" of Homer. Now that the currrent semester is over at this very lousy school:banghead: :mad: -I will be transfering to hopefully a better school:smiley: - I can finnally get back to some important reading. Anyhow take care and have a good day all. David :ufo:


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I haven't read many since my high school days; back then the Humanities program I was in had them all as required reading. I used to enjoy the stuff like Beowulf and other stories of the genre.


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I tried reading Hemingway(The Sun Also Rises) a few months ago, but after a few pages I realized that I hated his style-the sentences were almost all of identical length and I quickly grew bored with it. There are others I like such as 1984 by Orwell or Gone With The Wind (the book, not the movie!). I still get out some of my old classic science fiction from time to time, especially Heinlein and Asimov, and reread it.


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for A levels Englsih Language and Literaute i am reading Wuthering Heights, Blakes : Songs of Innocence and Experience, Othello, Top Girls (modern womens literature)

some of this english is "english as a foreign language" so you have to read and reread and then read every notes book you can get your hands on. whether you come out the ends liking the books or just being about to quote from the notes books is a different matter!
I finally finished the Iliad of Homer!

I finally finished the Iliad of Homer! It was a very good book after all is said and done. Now I just need to read and study the notes. Sayonara. David