does anyone here read DC comics? if not you should


in the past three or so years ive gotten very much into the DC universe. I grew up on a steady diet of marvel, and i like what thier doing recently too. But i think DC is blowing them away. i started with infinite crisis in 2005, a solid story that set up the dc universe for the '52' and 'Countdown' series. these are both weekly series and DC made them work. Also theres like a crapload of tie-in events, my favorite of all would be Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps. If you happen to pick up the last ish of the sinestro corps run, check out the three splash pages. Amazing.
Now theres final crisis. i like that DC has kept it all in one perpetual tie-in event since 2005. time was every year or so some huge all encompassing event would change up the continuum. now its in a perpetual 'crisis' so to speak. not easy to pull off. keeping the continuity straght must be hell.
so, if you get a chance check out final crisis and all the other runs, especially 'death of the new gods' and 'sinestro corps'
Once again, im not deriding marvel, its just that i think DC is reallty on their game now
I've more been reading the alternative comics.

Para, Zipper, Skud the Disposable Assassin.

Not really into superhero stuff. More anti-hero :smiley:
I stopped being a "serious" comic reader sometime in the late 80's. I still have most of my collection from back then but I have not wondered into any of the local comic shops for some time.

Did I read correctly above... there are now weekly issued comics?
I was also heavily into comics for a while in the 80s... I still have a decent Cerebus collection, and some of the original Frank Miller Daredevil comics.

and some of the original Frank Miller Daredevil comics.

Born Again was millers best DD run w/ dave mazzuchelli illustrating. A lot of the action is very cinematic. Hve you read "The Dark night Returns or the Dark Knight Strikes Again by miller. hands down his best DC work. Also check out elekra: assassin. Its miller and bill sankewicz
wierd, i dont remember writing all these replies. maybe theres a bizarro me somewhere
Have you seen the previews for the new Christian Slater TV series My Own Worst Enemy? Or read Stephen King's The Dark Half?

Both would explain it.