Does anyone remember this?

When I was in middle school I came across this movie - or possibly a show marathon I'm not sure - on syfy and I've never been able to come across it again. It's been driving me nuts! This was in the 90's so it was too long ago and it definitely wasn't an old show/movie it was most likely made in the 90s. If anyone that reads this has any clue at all what I am talking about PLEASE help me out!!

Here is what I remember - please bare with me, it's been so long since I saw it and I had the flu so it's all blurred. Lol.:

- A man - possibly a college professor - gets it in his head that he needs to find a group of people that will agree to do some stuff with him.

- Some how he finds a group of people willing to go along with him and they all meet up. At the meeting he asks them to take off all of their clothes so he can make sure they don't have tattoos or surgical scars.

- I believe that one women had something - tattoo or scar - but I'm pretty sure he let her stay in the group anyway.

- Eventually they all go out on a hike in some woods and then a bunch of military men leap out and demand to know what they are doing there. The guy in charge of the group said something along the lines of "We're looking for what you're hiding" even though he had no clue what they were hiding.

- They are led into some underground base where there is a spaceship and the military men explain that they have no clue how to get into it.

-The man in charge of the group shows him how even though he has no clue about this ship.

-Then I don't remember what happened but at the end the group of people the man selected find a room in the ship that is full of cradles that have babies of all races in them. They step outside the spaceship and see that earth has been destroyed - there is the typical destroyed golden gate bridge - and then they start talking about repopulating the earth and doing it right this time around.

I know how it sounds but I'm dying to see this again lol - if you have any clue what I am talking about please help me out! Thank you!
Hi there, thank you for responding! I'm almost positive that it's not Sliders though...
Definitely not Sliders (though that was a good series). Your description sort of rings a bell with me but I'm trying to remember if it was a TV show I remember that premise from or a novella I read or something else. I almost want to say that it was a Twilight Zone episode (the last series, not the original Rod Serling shows) and can visualize the ending scene with a voice over but am not sure at the moment if that is a real memory or if the power of suggestion is at work on me. :(
As luck would have it I stumbled upon it last night!

For anyone else that was wondering it was from the newer version of the Outer Limits. It's a two part special - the first one was in season three and called 'Double Helix' the second part was in season four and called 'The Origin of Species'.

Thank you to everyone that replied!