Does Selling your Writing as ebooks on Ebay work?

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Below i show a sale from an individual in the UK selling attempting to sell his ebook on ebay. the auctions are normally standard 9 day listings for anyone less than a power seller, so after 1 and 1/2 days he still has sold none of the 1,000 copies he is offering. he has elected to pay for the "featured items" listing, so it will be interesting to follow the authors attempt to sell via ebay. who knows, i might even support his actions myself and buy a copy althoughg quoting from the author himself "while the overall plot may be a bit flat, the characters are my favourite creations I've ever written." wouldn't be my choice of wording to help sell my work!!!!

are we looking at an easy method of selling your works (although selling a 1,000 copies would result in some interesting time spent emailing to each and every customer!) or will the type of ebay consumer pass over this form of sales?


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Ok, heres the thing - I'm trying to raise money so I can afford to go to university. Theres only a few things I can do, and one of them is writing stories. Lacking the time to devote to writing a full book and trying to get it published, I'm going to try and flog this short story I wrote.

The few people who have read this all seem to like it, so hopefully you will too. It's only £1 for a good read, so its well worth the money at any rate. If this does well I'll probably put some more stories up, so let me know if you like it. If you don't like it at least feel justified that your helping someone very poor, and already in debt, go to uni.

Theres a synopsis below, but my personal feelings on this story is that while the overall plot may be a bit flat, the characters are my favourite creations I've ever written.

The books in e-book format, so once you've bought it I'll send it you in .pdf format via e-mail. Please buy this, what do you lose really?


In the year 2173, space has been colonised by humans. At first this was controlled by government programmes and only those chosen got to go into space. As the money dried up, new commercial programmes were allowed to progress. Eventually the governments lost control of space to the huge organisations. In this future, rival companies battle for territory and will stop at nothing to get one-up on their enemies.

Human society is split into 3 distinct political provinces. The federation control earth and promise democratic freedom for all it's citizens. But the reality is a beauracratic system that lets only those with the biggest pockets thrive. The empire is a facism that keeps their citizens under control through brutal discipline and control of the money supply, however many people prefer this to the federation, which has the same effect, they just don't shout about it. The largest entity is the Alliance, a commonwealth of huge companies that allow for free trading and profit making with only a few rules. Their citizens live in a completely free society, only having to worry about constant muggings and trade cartels.

The hawks are an elite band of mercenaries that work for the highest bidder. Their repuatation has led them to be chosen for the toughest jobs. Xavier Harrison leads the team into battle against companies that may one day employ them. His team is devoted, determined and usually drunk. Constantly arguing and joking around they seek only to earn more money. But when the shooting starts, everything is forgotten and they work together in unison to beat the enemy.