Dog Soldiers Gets Fresh

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I hope the sequal lives up to the original it was fresh it was actually kinda scary in parts and I think by making a sequal the may just try and repeat what was good in the first place but not give it the same magic.


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I think one of the reasons the first one was so good is because they didn't 'Mega' budget it. They didn't advertise in that it cost alot and they didn't go for the big-budgety scenes.
Since it was a success they might try to 'Budget in' big bucks SFX. It will lose something if they try to do that. If #2 is as good as #1 was I will be looking to buy them both.


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hmm, we british excel at night fighting. horror films are set in the dark. a few dozen thunderflashes and a few thousand rounds of blank ammunition and some petrol to start nice fires is all the special effects you need for the scenery. especially if this one is going to be set in the european forest theatre.

did the comedy ruin the first one? there were some cliches that were a bit awkward, a bit of work on that script, maybe some advice from actual serving soldiers would have gone down well there!

we see an increase across the spectrum of programming nowadays of sarcasm used as humour in shows. it's definitely a british and canadian thing, but i fear most americans don't fully understand it when it is being used. tell them you are using sarcasm and they get it when you use it, just lay it on subtely and i'm afriad way too often the americans i am talking to just do not get it. i was hoping for the first dog soldiers to have real soldiers on set for bit parts or just help with direction of actors in action scenes or real suggestions as to what sort of script is the most realistic. whilst being a cult film, at the end of the day i believe they could have done better with the script.

remember, as the new robin williams film, The Final Cut, has shown us, flashy scifi effects don't need to be used to create a solid, emotional, interesting, harrowing and involving storyline. it's all in the script!