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my favorites have always been the dragonlance books. not necessarily for their actual literary content, but for their sheer volume. you can never run out and can never get enough. i guess to me they are like 'mind candy'. :smiley:
Haven't read many dragon books myself, which is dissapointing because they do interest me.

I think the most recent one (and the only one that pops into my head) was Eragon. Which I thought was very good. I ended up staying up almost all night reading it straight through.

I've heard good things about the Dragonlance books, I'll have to pick one up the next time I hit the book store.
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man, i would hate to turn this thread into a dragonlance thread, so i will also mention the deathgate cycle. not dragonlance, but by margaret weis and tracy hickman. :smiley: