Dragon Fire Breather game controller discovered


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Dragon Fire Breather game controller discovered

DVICE said:

For the most part, I didn't mind missing the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. But then I saw what Engadget found at the show: the Dragon Fire Breather gamepad for the PC. They've got a pretty spectacular photo gallery, which includes scans of the documentation, transcribed here by the folks at Joystiq:
1. Do not put them in the concourses of warm, wet, and strong light.
2. Do not make liquid and other different things into the products.
3. Do not pull strong products' down-lead pins excessively.
4. Do not use strong canker or mucilanginous liquid to brush the products.
5. You can pay attention to time and methods are subject to personal instance.​
This is truly the Dragon Wars of game controllers.

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I'm... I'm... speechless. I'm torn between "Who the frack would every use something like that?!" and "Must... resist... urge... to buy one." :eek:

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