DragonFly Ship?

Jun 10, 2008
So, I've been watching my Stargate Sg-1 complete series box set and talking to my dad about a lot of sci fi shows. Me and him both remember a show or mini series involving a ship that looked like a Dragonfly or as he said a mosquito, and the big eyes were like the windows of the cockpit. Now he says he remember the guy flying it looking like Edward scissor hands. lol I know that's weird but what he means was he had this weird black hair and he was really pale. He said something also about the guy wearing like a black vinyl suit i think. Anyway, I am posting it on the firefly forum because i have this gut feeling it was in Firefly, but if anyone knows what show this is from we both would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks for any help.


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Jan 16, 2005
Pretty sure this mini series was Lexx actually.

The ship called Lexx

Kai, undead assasin. Wheres black and looks like Edward Scissorhands



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Mar 20, 2004
... and the 'shuttle' ship looked like a small bug as well.

It was a very weird series to watch but entertaining none the less.


Jan 16, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
Lexx was one of those series that went for the "adult audience". It was good for it's time but I thought Farscape did a better job for the same target audience. Although the shower scene in the pilot episode of Lexx was a nice surprise.
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