Drive-by ad for new alt history novel

Nicky B

Hi, I don't know if this kind of announcement is welcome but I've just migrated here via rec.arts.sf.compostion. I have a new book out in February which may or may not be of interest. It's got, bombs, guns, double agents and a desperate teenager trying to escape an alternate London where the world wars never happened.
It's called 'Shadow Web' by N M Browne and is available from
( Not sure about the US edition)

Apologies if this breaks any rules.
We have a published/advertising book thread somewhere, stickied still I hope. I'll move it over after.

If you have linked to hosted cover, whatever synopsis you want, ISBN number and sales outlets
Nicky B, authors & publishers are always welcome to post about their new publications.

You mentioned your official site isn't updated yet but that the title is available at Amazon UK. What's the Amazon link then? ;)
You have many fine books under your belt.

Tim, What about a nice interview? You guys still doing the 10 questions thing?