Drunken Sports


An Old Friend
I was doing some memory road with a friend today and realised that in my college days I did a lot of drunken activities with my dorm mates.

What kind of Drunken Games did you do when you were youthful and foolish?

Me? Well...

Drunken Mud Football
Drunken River Football
Kegger Trashcan Basket Ball (Tackle Style)
Drunken Killer Dorm Hallway Frisbee
Drunken Crotch Golf
Drunken Stairwell Wrestling
Drunken Parking Meter Vaulting
Drunken Park Bench Balance Beam
To name a few...
our school had its share of stair wrestling and dorm frisbee, albeit without the alcohol (church college).
some of those fellows were crazy enough without the intoxicants.