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I was just at the book store and I saw a new copy of Dune and couldn't help but notice it was like a 1000 pages while my ols copy is maybe 500, flipping through it I couldn't see anything new. so what am I missing do I need to buy yet another copy of my fav. book????


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I suppose with the ISBN numbers the full details of the books could be googled. Doubt you'll find word counts, but it's unlikely the novel has been changed.


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Who was the publisher? You sure it wasn't something like the Dune Encyclopedia? For a long time I've been wondering if Kevin Anderson is going to try some retcon engineering with Dune so that it matches those pieces of felgercarb he and Brian Herbert have been writing. At least, I wouldn't put it past him.


No I think it is just the font size, but I do have to agree with you on most of Brian and Kevin's work. I did enjoy the House "A" "H" "C" prequels but that's because it tells how Duncan and Gurney came to be part of House Atraides, but the rest is garbage.