Dust - Short film (Set in 2060)


It's 2060 and this story focuses on one free spirits survival, living in isolation amongst the junk and waste on a landfill on the outskirts of a society he rejects.

He has built a home, found freedom and held on to his creativity through his music and the philosophy he finds in old books.

With only an old Dictaphone for company, ‘Dust’ has the mentality of a survivor, but is he the “only alien in the ant farm” and can he stay off the radar forever?

* INTERESTING FACT! This film has been placed in a time capsule (as featured in this film) underneath Hanley Fire Station along with Lauren's short doco 'We Were Here' to be pulled out of the ground in 2060 - let's see if we have predicted the future!?

- Included in upcoming feature film "Makers: Our Story"
noted as "the most important documentary on the British Independent Film Industry of its time."

“Dust is a gripping short film, which has a kind of empathic sci fi feel to it. This piece has an air of professional and unique creativity about it”
- The Kaje Magazine.