DVD Quality Streams


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Everyone knows Stage6 has dvd quality streams but here are a couple sites that have great quality too

That is the front page. I include it because it is the portal and you can find great other stuff like documentaries and some music on it.

This is the movies front page. It usually streams pretty fast and it has the screen auto darkening if you have the Divx plug-ins up to date.
This is a nice resource to see some of those old and dated movies like I posted in another star chamber thread.

This is the TV Series front page. I have found it to be most helpful in catching missed episodes and exploring peoples series recommendations. There are not many scifi but of that there is, it is most interesting.

This last one(not Joox) is a resource for multiple locations of streams. There is a rating system and many of the links go to VEOH(I have VEOHTV). VEOH has some high quality streams but you have to download their player to watch(mostly). I like it but I have a media center pc. If you D/L the veoh player you should untick all the felgercarb and go in and tweek the services.

I linked you into the 'SciFi' catergory but there are many others. When you click a link to the movie it takes you to a page that lets you choose the stream feed and there is a short description and comments by other users. You may run into a bad camcorder bootleg or two at this site.


Since I started streaming movies I have purchased more dvds when they come out. I have found many obscure films that I would not even consider seeing in the rental store and I have reduced money wasted on crappy movies.