Season 5 Easter Eggs for Season 4 DVD


Has anyone seen the easter eggs that are supposedly on S4, disk #6? I've heard there are clips of a cast/crew holiday party and another behind the scenes clip.

I followed the instructions listed on this site:

However, I couldn't get it to work. I don't know if there is a different edition of the DVD b/c the instructions say to highlight "Features", but my disk says, "Bonus". FYI, the instructions for S3 did work.
I found this in another post.... and it worked for me! Good luck!

>> Put in DISC 6 >> When the Main Menu appears, press the LEFT arrow 2 times (go to Bonus) and press ENTER >> When the Bonus menu appears, press the DOWN arrow 4 times (go to Deleted Scenes) >> When it is highlighted on Deleted Scenes, press the DOWN arrow 2 times, and press the LEFT arrow 1 time >> If/when five red bars appear under the Alias Season 4 logo, press ENTER to watch this hidden clip of the cast celebrating the Holidays, honoring the crew member of the week, and listening to Ron Rifkin singing loud for all to hear! Santa comes, too!
If you have DVD capabilities on your computer you dont need to go through all that. Just go to the special features screen, point the mouse over the season four logo and it automatically lights up with the 4 red bars. Click on it to enter and you can watch.