Ebay beauty


Hope you weren't bidding and that it was just a temporary aberation. Some of the stuff on ebay does defy belief- about 3 years ago one of the UK lads mags FHM or Loaded received bids on a bucket of water.

I know of a bloke that makes a pretty good living from ebay: looks for items that are available but are in the wrong place because the vendor has mistyped are just plain can't spell -he pcks stuff up with next to no bids and resells on ebay1


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I don't buy on-line because of an ID theft thing. Ebay seems to be where I could unload some of my stuff for a profit but don't you have to mail it?

I guess you could include the shipping and handling in the starting price.


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set your pc up never to remember passwords, use a seperate browser for ebay. wipe cookies/passwords/saved form info regularly.

check task manager frequently, run good firewall, antivirus, spyware programs

don't throw invoices out without turning them into something resembling paper mache first

identity theft is happening to people who don't have the internet as well!!!! the internet is just another way they are obtaining goods with your identity, not the source of identity theft that some people think it is (well, there are those newbies not running security programs and procedures which is equivalent to going out to work and leaving your front door unlocked)


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well, now we get the clever questions :smiley:

i just throw searches at ebay to find funny stuff, searching for people selling their souls just isn't fun anymore, you have to find the right beauties like this one!