Sci-Fi "Ecstasy Boulevard" - a cyberpunk short film

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum. Me and my friend made a micro-budget cyberpunk short film titled, "Ecstasy Boulevard". Any feedback we could get would be greatly appreciated. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Please check out the film:



If you want to see more cool artwork from the film you can check out our Tumblr page:

Stoopid Genius Studios
This is rad. My favorite parts are actually the drawn portions, and incorporating real actors/actresses and locations makes me think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
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it looks like you have some pretty heavy talent available as far as computer generated special effects and art in general is concerned. I think it must have been fun filming this where there were crowds. Kind a a video fable, innit? I love the imagery man, and the story line was easy enough to follow even without good too....there is a movement by new young musicians to produce copyright free music and some is killer....they will be the ones whose stuff gets used by other artists, so they are smart....copyright is the old world, and really just a bunch of makework for the worshippers of the penny....b