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I normally don't watch television versions of movies I own, but last night I decided to watch Serenity on SyFy leading up to the latest Caprica, and couldn't believe how much they edited out, especially in the first thirty minutes of the film...presumably for time constraints, since I don't recall there being much violence. Unfortunately, in my opinion, some of the scenes they were cutting were necessary to understanding the plot. I would highly recommend anyone who's seen it on TV to go out and pick up the full version.

Any other tales of woe from other butcher-jobs out there?
US television standards? And here in the UK that is dependent also on whether it is terrestrial, satellite or cable tv.

I've learnt to IMDB and check the movies running time in different countries, then if you are watching tv, check a planner and see if the running time is stated in it. Already with our Cinema/DVD in the majority of cases over here in the UK our version of the film is longer than the US release!!! If you see a DVD on sale in the US that says it's the "uncut" version, it does not mean passed the censors in raw form, it probably only means to the UK standard! and there are countries that allow less edited versions than ours too! Sometimes I try to find those to watch.

I once watched a broadcast "accident" on Sunday after lunch on the SciFi channel where in a film a topless woman got into a small lake on a planet for a "bath". Luckily my kids were too young, didn't like SciFi and had left the room bored about 5 minutes before that!
At least the scenes I noticed cut from this one were merely for time restraints. There was nothing that would have violated the censors' rules, just some lengthy scenes that (in my opinion) gave more background and continuity. I do admit that we definitely have movies that get chopped for other reasons. I can't think of any SF movies off the top of my head that are in that category, but I know there are several.
hmm, didn't Aliens vs Predator receive it's higher rating for "slime"? If they put that on US tv will they edit the "slime" scenes out of it to bring the rating down and satisfy their own standards?

I've watched several higher rated Scifi films on UK tv that have had the killing scenes removed to air on tv. I can't think of them offhand, but I have these images of watching the films, seeing what should have pretty much been three shots turned into two and remembering from watching them previously something got speared/chopped/blown up
Seems to me that there are very specific rules on the violence allowed on US television. If memory serves, gushing blood is out for example.

I don't think they'll edit out the slime scenes, even if that was the reason for a higher movie rating. Certain types of nudity, gushing blood (I think) and very particular curse words will have to go. Other types of nudity and curse words will still be allowed.

I remember seeing Predator on US TV a few years ago. The scene where the alien removes his helmet was cut! WTF?!? Censored for being too ugly?

It certainly ruined Ahnald's following line: "You are one ugly m.....f......!" Oh yes, the audio was clipped off right after "mother..."