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XenForo Egg Avatar 1.0

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Kevin submitted a new resource:

Egg Avatar - Have some fun with your members avatars!

$10 PayPal

Throw eggs, shoot paintballs, rip avatars... do all of this easily with a couple clicks of the mouse.

NOTE: This add-on is currently available for free until if/when time allows for it to be updated. Support is Peer-to-peer support only. It is what it is, as-is.

Take your member's avatars from this:

... to this:...

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Egg Avatar is now installed here for people to play with. Looks like some styling issues need to be dealt with using XenFoogle (the style we're currently using here); the "Throw" & "Clean" links show up fine using the default style but with XenFoogle they have no styling applied to them.

After you "Throw" an item at an avatar it won't appear until you refresh the page.

I also noticed that no icons are included by default on a clean install. I'll add it to the mental To Do list to add some default images in a future update.
If you click on the Who Egged Me tab in your profile it just shows

Thanks for finding that. :)

Looks like when the zip file was prepared there was a misplaced folder. The contents of the {xf}/library/EggAvatar/js folder should really be in {xf}/js/EggAvtar.

If you SSH into your XF folder and issue the command below it'll take care of it or you can manually create the js/EggAvatar folder and copy the files into it (remember to delete the old library/EggAvatar/js folder).
mv library/EggAvatar/js js/EggAvatar
I'll update the zip file sometime over the weekend and repost it.