Elecktra Movie

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Is Elektra gonna be in the DD sequel also, or just the spinoff?
at this point I think she's just going to be in the spinoff, simply for the reason that JG is shooting Alias during the winter and would only have time to do the one movie over the summer, and I'm sure they'd want to release these movies pretty close to each other to draw off the success of one another.
Elektra is alive!!!!!!! The braille necklace is the proof!

I heard there was gonna be an Elektra spinoff about her near-death experiance or something like that.
It's a good part. Makes you think though. Did she really live and leave it for him? Or did she leave it before she died? ;)
hey look at that will you, I dont mind the look of it, she'll pull it off like she did in DD regardless of the fact shes the wrong choice for the role if you want to get nit picky

if you wanna get really nit picky, you splled Elektra wong

check that site out if you wanna get the latest news on Elektra, and anything DD related
:/ Erf...I was looking forward to no bangs again. Bring back the old Elektra hairdo. :] That was hot. (y)
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