Electronic Cloth?


An Old Friend
May 16, 2005— At first glance, a cloth bag may seem an unlikely security device. But if it's made from a new, electronic fabric, it could not only resist tampering, but sound off an alarm or send an alert to the owner and authorities.
"You wouldn't need a safe if you had this," Jerry Krill, department head of Power Projection Systems at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and inventor of the technology.


Incorporating electronic cloth into such a wide variety of security devices is completely reasonable, said Tom Martin, an assistant professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Va., whose own group develops wearable computers and electronic textiles.

According to Martin, conductive fibers can feel soft or be made "strong enough that somebody would have to take a crowbar to it."

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is currently seeking commercialization development partners for this technology.

Underwear Alert! :P

Talk about a Chastity Belt for the 21st century!