electronic device jammer


Is there a device (real or from sci-fi) that can stop electronic devices from working? Example- you walk into a building and your phone, digital watch and any other device you have stops working. Also the lighting in the building would have to be candles because lights would not work.
There are already existing cell phone jammers out there being used by movie theaters and other retail businesses & offices.

The military has frequency jammers that they use to block enemy radar & radio signals.

Taking it to the extreme, you have EMP bombs.
Thanks for the quick replay Kevin! I new the forums by the way and really like the topics here.

It took me several hours to come up with the same 3 things you mentioned. I should have come here first and asked you. What I am looking for is something that can totally stop all electronic devices from working. It does not have to be real…. I am just exploring the idea.
Well I don't know how anything could stop lights from working just from energy expulsion of some sort. I mean they are hard wired in most cases so unless you can stop electrons from flowing through a circuit or just overload all surrounding circuits, things like light bulbs will work.
Now anything like cell phones of course work from digital signals and frequency that can be disrupted as already pointed out, thats not really that hard.
Jammers are used in Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent roadside bombs being triggered.

There is also passive blocking of transmitted signals, by encasing the building in a Faraday cage.