Elektra's Chinese Lettering

Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Has anyone noticed that the Chinese characters on Elektra's costume are backwards on her belt, but correct on her bustier? :confused:

I can't read Chinese, but my mom can. I told her that I thought that the belt's lettering looked wrong. So I used my viewing program to reverse the picture to show her. Mom said that the characters on the belt were fixed but the lettering on the bustier were then reversed. :o

All of the Elektra photos that I seen have the bustier and belt lettering in disagreement.

So that means that either the characters on her belt were made backwards, OR that the characters went through both sides of the belt and the dressers had her wear the belt backwards by mistake through the entire movie.

So I wonder why the Chinese wire/martial arts crew didn't tell everyone. I would have thought that they would have noticed that in rehearsals before filming ever started. :unsure:

So what about her pants? Is that lettering or a design on the front? I need people who can read Chinese to see if her pants has lettering that is correct or backwards.

K. Ackles

Apr 26, 2003
South Africa
All I can say is...wow! ANd how did you notice that...and as long as the bustier was the right way around, doesn't matter, cuz that's where I was looking!

And perhaps the Martial Arts crew where Japanese, and didn't know chinese. They also flip certain scenes, so maybe they did that?

If you can post a picture, I know someone who is CHinese, and I can get her to look at it if you like.
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