Music Elephant by Tame Impala (BlackBerry Z10 Commercial)


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The best thing about the new BlackBerry Z10 phone? The music from its commercial. As to the phone, I think I'll stick with my Android devices for a bit longer as the misery of formerly having a BlackBerry Storm is still painful.

The music they selected for the commercial is the track "Elephant" by Tame Impala off of their 2012 album, Lonerism.

The original BlackBerry Z10 commercial....

:D Australian Band! :D

I love this song! Wasn't aware it was being used in an Ad though!
I wasn't familiar with them previously but after seeing the video I was hooked. :D Between the sounds & their psychedelic videos, I think I would have believed somebody if they told me the group was from the '70s but hadn't made their way to the US.
Yeah I love the YouTube comment that they sound a bit like John Lennon rapping over an early Black Sabbath riff :P