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Code Monkey
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We've just added Sketchfab as a supported site to embed clips from, like YouTube and others. :cool:

Sketchfab is a community for 3D content designers. When viewing a design that catches your attention, like this, just copy & paste the URL into your forum post and the item will be embedded in like below. Depending on the design you've embedded you can also use your mouse to rotate the design to view it from different angles.

via Sketchfab

At @Tom's suggestion we've added support for embedded content. :smiley:

When viewing content at, such as movies like Planet Outlaws with Buck Rogers, click on the 'Embed' link in the lower right of the player. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing to the right. When the screen pops-up, copy just the URL part of the code that looks like "".

Once you have the embed URL you can them use it to embed the videos either in forums posts, like below, or in the Media gallery like here.