Sci-Fi Emma's secretive urge TL

Somewhere in the outskirts of Quezon City, Philippines.
[This Sci-fi TL will be grisly & graphic: viewer discretion advised]

It was a Monday night in a small secluded town & Emma Barboarda was facing a large waterfall next to the cave. It was 10:00 PM & she had been having a problem with solving a nagging itch....

Meanwhile, Vivoree Escamilla was one of the bullies of Emma from school. She had followed Emma secretly all the way to the river & hid behind one of the large rocks "What's this Emma girl hiding ?" Little did Vivoree know, she would see a grisly eye-opener as Emma revealed her true identity.....

More on this later...
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Chapter 1: Emma reveals her true self
10:00 PM
Somewhere in the outskirts of Quezon City, Philippines

Emma walked over to the waterfall which was next to the cave. "This disguise is ruined due to getting in scruffles at school. I need to shed some things & relax". After removing all of her clothes from head to toe, Emma then removed her earrings, bracelets, she was sweating naked & slowly reached at the back of her neck, removing her entire human skin, revealing a skinless alien. Next, Emma removed her teeth, tognue & eyes (placing them on a hard rock surface). Then she removed all of the skeletal, spin cord; brain, pitutiary, cerebellum, brain stem, parathyroid, esophagus, larynx, heart, adrenals, liver, kidneys, lungs, fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, intestine & stomach (all carefully placed on other hard rock surfaces).

Vivoree snuck a peak behind a large rock & watched in horror as Emma continued shedding "What in the Hell ?". Emma then drew an incision & further shed all of the skinless skin from head to toe, finally revealing a naked demon ghoul "Now that's better" Emma exhaled as she jumped into the waterfall swimming.

Vivoree followed the trail, seeing the human skin of Emma as well as the goo-ing organs, plus glistening skinless skin laying on the surface of rocks scared the Hell out of her. She decided to see what's inside the cave, slowly following the wet footprints & hiding behind the door as Emma removed all of the skeletal, spinal cord, all of the organs & eventually the entire human skin of Luna Dela Torre (who was laying on a cold steel slab: Emma slowly helped Luna getting up from the slab (Luna was revealed as a naked demon ghoul), putting her on the bed. Vivoree was even further horrified....
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Later that night
11:17 PM
Somewhere in the outskirts of Quezon City

Vivoree then made a desperate phone call attempting to reach her mother, Bridget Escamilla:
Vivoree: "Hello mom. I need to get out of here this cave is scary...."

Bridget: "Vivoree. Where are you so ? Why are you calling so late ?"

Vivoree: "There's a girl, who was shedding non-stop before a waterfall & then I snuck up behind a hidden door to see this girl removing Luna's entire human skin from head to toe..."

Bridget: "If you can give me more information to find out where are you located at...."

Vivoree: "I'm at some underground cave in the middle of a small town...."

At this point, Emma came up from the water, looked at Vivoree & said "Hang up the phone Vivoree. We need to have a long chat tonight" as she was licking her lips.

Vivoree looked at Emma, whose completely naked from head to toe in her true form, wet-drenched naked demon ghoul, "Stay away! Stay away! Stop it right now!"

Bridget (listening to the commotion): "Vivoree try to get out of there......"

Vivoree: "I'm running as fast as I can. Talk to you later..." (hanging up the phone).

Emma calmly walked over to the rocks where Vivoree was trying to hide. "I need to find a way out of here" Vivoree said to herself before she felt something breathing down her neck, it was Emma, who calmly "I need to wear something more comfortable" as she grabbed Vivoree from behind, taking her over to the underground cave, later walking inside a hidden bunker. First removing Vivoree's watch, purse, shoes, socks, pants (unbuckling them), thong, long-sleeve shirt, undershirt & bra: revealing a naked unconscious Vivoree on the bed inside a secret bunker.

Analyzing pressure points, Emma quietly drew an incision on her backside, "This disguise will be useful" as Emma slowly peeled off human skin off of Vivoree stopping at her chest. Next: removing skin off of Vivoree's left arm, elbow, wrist & hand: removed skin off the entire backside including her buttocks, then removed skin off of Vivoree's right arm, elbow, wrist & hand, Emma then removed skin off of Vivoree's legs & feet. Next, she slowly removed remaining skin off of Vivoree's chest, breasts all the way to her vagina (all of Vivoree's human skin was on the ground).

Once that was finished, Emma injected a concoction in Vivoree's neck to keep her unconscious even further as Emma put Vivoree's human skin into a bucket & poured sulfuric acid. "I've got human skins of Vivoree inside the locker" Emma said to herself before she launched the next phase...
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Inside Emma's secret hideout
12:03 AM
Somewhere in the outskirts of Quezon City

Emma used double injections on Vivoree as she was thinking of what to do with her. "I will turn her into a demon ghoul like me so that she can know how it feels" Emma calmly said. Soon afterwards, Emma drew incisions all across Vivoree's skinless body & immediately began peeling off skin off of her. Then she slowly removed the entire skeletal, cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, brain, pituitary, parathyroid, larynx, esophagus, teeth, tongue, eyes, adrenals, heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus (all of these organs placed on a plastic bag). Emma struggled removing Vivoree's vagina for several minutes before finally removing it, throwing it into the plastic bag.

Once that was done, Emma removed all of the skinless skin off of Vivoree (who was now transformed into a wet-drenched naked demon ghoul), placed it onto another plastic bag. It was 1:27 AM: Emma placed an unconscious Vivoree on a stretcher & wheeled her to a secret room & locked the dungeon.
The Next Day
10:01 AM PHST
Somewhere in the outskirts of Quezon City

Vivoree slowly woke up in a underground bunker. She looked at her appearance & noticed something different "Oh no. My body has changed, I feel so wet" as she walked over to a mirror & realized her horror "Emma turned me into a ghoul" as Vivore looked at her entire naked body. Feeling groggy, she laid back down on the bed before hearing a knock on the door, Emma walked in, still naked in her demon ghoul form "Hello Vivoree. You don't mind if I wear your human skin for awhile"...

Emma picked up Vivoree's human skin, looking at the mirror & put it on, which fit perfectly while adjusting the breasts a little bit "Now I'll be wearing this disguise for awhile, but I'll be back in a few days" as Vioree laid on the bed staring at the ceiling.
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Sister Margaret reveals her true self
5:27 PM SST
Somewhere in the outskirts of Apia, American Samoa

Inside the private vacation hideout in the outskirts of Apia, American Samoa, Sister Margaret had been feeling uncomfortable wearing human skin all of the time, it was itchy & somewhat sweaty. When the time came to get some fresh air in terms of airing out the human skin, Margaret (who was only wearing a silky robe) took off the robe, being completely naked & barefoot. "I need to get comfortable" Margaret sighed as she slowly removed human skin, revealing a naked yucky red alien "Hmm. This feels good" as Margaret continued shedding remaining human skin: first removing the left side of her left thigh, left leg & left foot; then removing right thigh, right leg & right foot (which was on the floor, glistening).

Next Margaret removed human skin of her entire backside all the way to her buttocks (placing it on the floor); she slowly removed skin off of her left arm & right arm. Finally: Margaret peeled off the remaining human skin off of her chest, breasts all the way to her vagina. Relieved of the human skin removal, Margaret in her naked alien form, walked over to the closet (which contained human skins of he resemblance), locking it. She walked over to the underground secret dungeon where Tatiana (who was naked & barefoot) laying on her stomach on top of a soft mat surface on the floor, "I'll remove your human skin in a little bit" as Tatiana wanted to air out her human skin.

She also planned on removing human skin of her close friend, Yvette Alcantara (more on that later in the TL).
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Later that night
8:55 PM SST
Somewhere in Apia, American Samoa

Margaret used an incision across Tatiana's back & began removing her skin: first removing the entire skeletal; then removed cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, pituitary, parathyroid, larynx, esophagus, etc., which were carefully placed on the silver slab. Then Margaret continued removing more organs of Tatiana: removing heart, lungs, kidneys, adrenals, ovaries, intestine, stomach, fallopian tubes, uterus & vagina.

Next Margaret removed skinless muscles of Tatiana, who slowly got up from the floor, revealing herself as a naked red yucky alien "Hmm. Much better, needed to breathe" Tatiana exhaled as Margaret picked up Tatiana's human skin & washed out the gooing organs over the sink.

Loosening Up
3:05 PM SST
Somewhere in the outskirts of Apia, American Samoa

Leliania Gonzalez, who was 17 years old. She was inside a private secret hideout. She living inside an Episcopalian convent with Father Thomas Melendez. While she was getting comfortable with long vacation time, Leliana wanted to get more comfortable, she thought to herself "This human skin needs to be aired out. I need help getting comfortable". Thomas walked into his room, removing his human skin revealing a naked green alien, then arrived in the large bedroom "Leliana, let me help you remove your human skin. It's very simple, just relax as I loosen you up"....

Leliana calmly breathed as Thomas slowly removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a wet naked female green alien, "Hmmm. Thanks, I needed it" Leliana exhaled as Thomas caressed her entire body, feeling up her breasts, vagina & buttocks.

After laying on the bed with her legs spread wide, Leliana was excited of the prospect as Thomas slowly was above her, kissing her all over her legs, feet, thighs, vagina "Time to get loosened up" as Leliana was holding Thomas' back as he began to penetrate her "Awww" Leliana flinched as she felt his super long penis getting inside her vagina, stretching the vagina very wide. She was a virgin & enjoyed losing her virginity with much ease as she laid back enjoying being penetrated slowly as her vagina was stretched very wide.

While they were having sex, Leliana grabbed Thomas' left buttock hard as he continued to penetrate her vagina & they had sex for more than 5 HRS. It was 10:00 PM SST, Leliana was staring at the ceiling fan in the large bedroom while Thomas was asleep on his stomach with his legs spread wide, she enjoyed letting herself be free.
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Chapter 2: Liza
10:00 PM SST, Thursday, June 25th
Somewhere inside Government House, Pago Pago, American Samoa

American Samoan First Lady Liza Melendez was a sexy young blonde & one of the mysterious gubernatorial spouses ever in the history of American Samoa. She had gotten back from a long schedule from earlier in the day, which took her all over the US territory & when she landed at the airport (her husband, American Governor Vicent Melendez was busy at the National Governors Association meeting in the mainland US), she immediately went all the back to Government House (Residence of the Governor) & went upstairs to the private quarters. After working on a notebook for a few HRS, she walked down to the secret basement located somewhere on the grounds, locked the door tightly & closed the blinds to ensure nobody was lurking.

"Time to get comfortable" Liza said as she began to remove clothing, being completely naked & looking at her human skin then began to remove all of the human skin, revealing a naked red yucky alien underneath "Hmmm. This feels good".
Liza's shedding continues
11:00 PM SST, June 25th
Somewhere inside Government House, Pago Pago, American Samoa

Liza then decided to get more comfortable, "I need to remove this real quick" as she continued shedding: removing all of the red yucky alien skin, revealing a glowing white naked female alien "Hmmmm. It feels great & beautiful to be free" as she then walked into the shower, which lasted half an HR. Soon afterwards, Liza still naked, walking all the way back inside her private bedroom, then went to bed.
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Margaret sheds Yvette's human skin
4:33 PM SST, June 27th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Apia, American Samoa

[Part I]: Margaret walked into the underground secret dungeon & locked the door. Yvette was laying on her stomach atop the hard surface black table, with her legs spread wide open "Time to remove your human skin to make you a little bit comfortable" as Margaret walked to the other side of the room, picking up a long silver zapping knifing machine.

Margaret walked over back to the room as Yvette hummed to herself.... More on this later....

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