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Part II of Melody revealing her true identity.....
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Melody's unmasking continues
12:48 AM IST, January 27th
Somewhere in Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, India.

Melody shedding her entire human skin to revealing her true self.

[Part II]: Melody continued shedding her entire human skin from head to toe, finally revealing a naked yucky demon underneath "Much better. So good to be free of wearing annoying human skin for awhile" she happily exhaled inside her room in the private family quarters of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Melody's mangled human skin was on the floor for several minutes before she picked it up, placing it on a mannequin: carefully adjusting it to make sure everything is perfect.

Next, Melody then found a secret patch in the large closet & got inside the heavy secret underground of the palace, which teleported her to a large waterfall in the Himalayas as she swam into the river & stayed there for a few days all the while thinking about whose skin to remove off of (more on that later)....
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Melody's secretive hideout....
4:35 PM IST, January 31st
Somewhere in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

[Part III]: Somewhere in a heavily secluded hideout in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, Melody was inside the underground dungeon: where she was still naked in her full demon form & walked towards an unconscious Sabeena Juneja: "Need to remove this nagging skin off of you" Melody said to herself as she thoroughly removed the following: skeletal, brain, brain-stem, cerebellum, cerebrum, pituitary, parathyroid, esophogus, larynx, teeth, eyes, heart, adrenals, lungs, intestine, stomach, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus & vagina.

Once that was done, Melody used an injection concoction (she used it before on Sabeena) to make sure the unconscious Sabeena couldn't feel anything already: Melody then slowly removed Sabeena's entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked demon underneath. Sabeena's mangled human skin was on the floor, which Melody picked it up & placed it along with the organs & skeletal on a large furnace
& pressed the button to burn all of it into full piles of ashes......

Following this, Melody placed the ashes into large urns to scatter it in the ocean later in the night.
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Olivia shedding human skin to reveal her true self inside La Moneda Palace at night...
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In the middle of the night at La Moneda.....
10:46 PM, May 18th
Somewhere inside La Moneda Palace, Santiago, Chile
Inside the summer residence (VIII).jpg

Olivia looking inside a private room before removing her human skin....

[Part I]: It was less than two months after assuming the Presidency of the Republic of Chile & Olivia was busy working inside La Moneda Palace during the first two months of her four-year term. She had been meeting with foreign heads of state, legislative leaders & local elected leaders as well; she was also having that nagging itch on having to wear human skin all of the time "Just itching to wait until everyone leaves me alone so I can reveal my true self & go somewhere" she secretly thought to herself.

The time was 10:46 PM & it was a Thursday night at La Moneda Palace, where Olivia was spending some time inside the main palace's private quarters (while Palacio de Cierro Castillo in Vina del Mar was being renovated for awhile); she was alone inside the private quarters just the way she strongly preferred....... with the doors locked & naked inside the room, Olivia removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing her true form: naked yucky alien underneath as she happily exhaled "Feels so good to be free not having to wear this human skin, now let me get away from this straining mess for awhile" as she opened a secret button in a hidden patch: leading her to the underground of the palace, eventually sneaking out of the palace as Olivia snuck up behind an unsuspecting beauty queen, Mayumi Quintos & Olivia used an secretive concoction injection in the back of Mayumi's neck & dragged an unconscious Mayumi all the way into the palace underground dungeon, where she used a secret teleport spaceship, which took them to a heavily secluded countryside house as she had plans to remove her human skin as well (more on that later in Part II).
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