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Miranda Figueroa sheds her human skin
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Chapter 7: Miranda revealing her truest self
11:00 PM BST, June 20th
Somewhere inside Kubitschek Academy for Girls
Brasilia, Brazil

Miranda exiting the private bathroom before shedding her human skin.

Miranda Figueroa of Brasilia, Brazil was living inside an Episcopalian convent for girls called the Kubitscheck Academy for Girls. She was the daughter of Brazilian President Paolla Figueroa (who was a divorced daughter of seven daughters); as a spunky, feisty teenager, she wanted to have a private life than having to live in the Palacio de Alvorada in Brasilia (Residence of the Brazilian President), which was located on a peninsula at the margins of Paranoa Lake, so her mother decided to let Miranda live at the Episcopalian convent because it's just the way Miranda wanted it.

Fast forward to the late HRS of June 20th, Miranda was taking a shower inside the large private bathroom for several minutes, once she was done, she noticed there was no towel on the outside racket "Where is the towel ? I need to find one to get out of here" but before she can grab one, she heard noises, Miranda (who was naked & barefoot) snuck into one of the private bathroom stalls & hid for several minutes until the noises were gone. Once the clock hit 12:00 AM on a late Friday night, Miranda then slowly got out of the private bathroom stall & managed to walk toward the center of the large private bathroom, where she decided it was the right time to remove her entire human skin because she had a hard time wearing it all of the time & it was also too itchy "Now time to remove this nagging skin" she happily said as she slowly removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked wet-drenched alien underneath as water gushed out of her vagina.

"It feel so damn good" Miranda said to herself as she picked up her human skin & took it with her outside of the large private bathroom, walking back to her room: where she placed the human skin on a craft-made mannequin, adjusting it to make sure nothing was amiss. Licking her lips, Miranda was having the urge to devour someone, so she turned around to see one of her roommates, Georgette Florias, a mixed-raced Afro-Brazilian teenage girl & close friend of Miranda's, who woke up to see what was going on. Miranda put her hands to Georgette's mouth "don't be afraid, let me take care of this" as Miranda removed Georgette's clothing including her thong, leaving Georgette sweating, barefoot & naked; next, Miranda thoroughly & slowly removed Georgette's entire human skin from head to toe: Georgette was naked & skinless as Miranda was happily in astonishment "Now that wasn't hard wasn't it ?" Georgette laid on her back of her bed as Miranda continued removing any remaining human skin....
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Puerto Rico Governor Maria Jose Aguirre sheds her human skin during trade mission to India......
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