Sci-Fi Emma's secretive urge TL

May 2, 2020
Shedding Yvette's human skin
5:00 PM SST, June 25th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Apia, American Samoa
Skin shedding.jpg

Margaret shedding Yvette's entire human skin inside the secret underground dungeon

Margaret began removing Yvette's human skin by peeling off the entire human skin from head to toe, then slowly removed all of the organs of the body & continued shedding Yvette's outer skeletal skin, then removed the entire skeletal (placing it into a large plastic bag). "Hmmmm" Yvette hummed as Margaret helped her up from the silver slab table "Now this feels so much better" Yvette exhaled, who was now revealed as a somewhat glistening yucky naked red female alien.

Opening the pool, Yvette's other human skin which had her resemblance
(which was soaked in the secret pool) before Yvette walked over to the shower, staying there for 3 HRS. Walking naked & very proud of it, Yvette then went to her bedroom & went to sleep.
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