Sci-Fi Emma's secretive urge TL

May 2, 2020
Chilean First Lady Olivia Montez reveals her true identity
& how she enjoyed doing it.


Chilean First Lady Olivia Montez sheds her entire human skin
inside Palacio de Cerro Castillo to reveal her true self.
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May 2, 2020
Luna sheds her human skin
5:57 PM PHST, December 16th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Naga City, Philippines


Luna removing her clothes before shedding her human skin.

It was 5:57 PM & Luna had just gotten back from a long day doing gymnastics practice in college. She was sweating non-stop & needed to get some air at home. Once she locked the door & closed the window blinds, she walked into her bedroom: removed her clothes from head to toe including her thong. Naked & sweating, Luna still needed to take a shower "Just need to remove this human skin in order to breathe before getting into the shower". Slowly removing her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked yucky alien "now that's much better" Luna exhaled before going into the bathroom to take a shower, which lasted for 2 HRS.

Coming out of the shower naked & barefoot, Luna looked herself in the mirror before heading towards the underground room where her lesbian lover, Marissa Cortez was naked (laying on her stomach) waiting for a massage. Marissa felt kisses on her neck "Hmmm. That feels so good" as she assumed Luna was massaging her (which she did for awhile) before feeling the pressure points to remove Marissa's human skin very slowly & carefully.
May 2, 2020
4:46 AM, December 16th
Somewhere in the outskirts of New Delhi, India

Jimena walked into the swimming pool room at the secret retreat & removed her clothing, she then removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a wet-drenched naked yucky alien underneath "Time to swim" as she jumped into the swimming pool, swimming non-stop.
May 2, 2020
Coming up in the TL: I'll be doing segment on Isabela revealing her true identity in 3 different sections (Part I, II & II).
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May 2, 2020
Chapter 3: Sister Catalina
9:56 PM, December 27th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Vatican City

Sister Catalina removing her clothes before shedding her human skin to reveal her true identity.

Catalina Mierelles of Sao Paulo, Brazil known as Sister Catalina had been living in the outskirts of Vatican City during the Christmas holiday break in a secluded residence. She had also been uncomfortable wearing human skin & wanted to breathe & relax "This human skin is dirty, needs to be replaced & cleaned, but I've got so many other human skins with my resemblance." After closing the door of her residence, locking the door, closing the window blinds & shutting the curtains, she then went to downstairs into a secret dungeon where she removed all of her clothes from head to toe, naked & sweating.

"Now let's get more comfortable so I can relax" Catalina calmly said as she slowly removed her entire human skin from head to toe: then she removed her outer shell, removing all of the organs, removing the entire skeletal, brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, ovaries, finally revealing a naked alien underneath. Once that was done, Catalina placed all of the organs into a plastic bag & placed them into a secret cooler. Next she placed her human skin into a soaking pool "much better to breathe".

Revealing true self.jpg

Sister Catalina inside the underground secret dungeon.

Soon afterwards, Catalina then calmly opened the teleport, where she pressed a button & it showed a map of Vatican City & surrounding areas of Rome, Italy "Feels so free to get out of this human skin" as she finished doing whatever she was doing with the teleport.
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May 2, 2020
Catalina teleports
8:28 PM, December 27th
Somewhere in the planet of Uzclitza

Catalina teleports back home to Uzclitza

Catalina using the spaceship she used to secretly teleport without a trace out of Vatican City went back home to her home planet of Uzclitza for a breather to relax & get away from being a human "that human skin was ruined & dirty, I needed to remove it all back over there" as she walked over to the secret cooler in the spaceship where multiple human skins of her resemblance was soaking underneath in the cooler.

Once she arrived home, Catalina got out of the spaceship & walked into her home where she closed the top of the residence, then headed toward the room & went to bed for several HRS thinking about how she would fix another human skin to wear of her resemblance.
May 2, 2020
4:12 PM EST, January 14th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Albany, NY St

Becky walking upstairs in the penthouse apartment

(Part I): After arriving back in the States sometime during New Years Eve, Becky went back to the penthouse apartment in the outskirts of Albany, NY St doing community service projects & other activities during her reign as Miss Teen USA. In the meantime, she was eager to go swimming & also eager to get "more comfortable" (shedding her human skin as well).

Fast forward to January 14th, Becky was involved in swimming practice: she walked back into the penthouse apartment (through the backside door naked) & quietly walked upstairs before closing the door to the large bedroom in the private quarters. "Time to get more comfortable" as she was naked & drenched wet from the swimming practice, removing her entire human skin (which she enjoyed doing behind closed doors, sometimes during daylight or at night whenever she felt like it).

Shedding skin (II).jpg

Becky shedding her entire human skin.

Shedding skin (VI).jpg

Becky loosening up to get more comfortable.

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May 2, 2020

Isabela sheds her human skin
(Part I will be unveiled sometime later following Thanksgiving break)
May 2, 2020
Becky's shedding continues
4:56 PM EST, January 14th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Albany, NY St
Shedding skin (VII).jpg

Becky continues shedding her human skin.
Once Becky threw parts of her dirty, mangled human skin on the ground, she then slowly peeled off the remainder of her human skin: beginning with her breasts, all the way to the vagina (threw it on top of the mangled skin). Next, she removed the entire human skin off of her entire backside including her buttocks (she placed it on top of a stretcher.

Next: she then removed the human skin off of her right arm, wrist & hand, throwing it on the stretcher.​
Shedding skin (XI).jpg

Once that was finished, Becky still naked in her yucky alien form, decided to take a shower & once she got out of the shower still naked & barefoot. She went into another secret dungeon & looked at other human skins with her resemblance (they were in the secret coolers underneath the ground) & went back upstairs to go to take a quick nap for awhile.