Sci-Fi Emma's secretive urge TL

Jimena takes lots of human skin
(Part I begins soon)
Shedding skin (XII).jpg
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Jimena sheds human skin
7:44 PM CST, January 17th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Albuquerque, NM

Jimena barefoot inside her secluded ranch before removing her clothing.

(Part I): Having arrived back home for a week or so to rest up before heading back to NYC, Jimena went back to the heavily secluded ranch in the outskirts of Albuquerque, NM (it was in the middle of nowhere only in the outskirts of town). Earlier in the day, she had arrived to a grand welcome back to the Land of Enchantment where she was given her own special day by the Mayor of Albuquerque & Albuquerque City Council, then did a few TV interviews on local TV stations before heading back home to rest.

It was 7:44 PM CST & Jimena was reading the local newspaper & was intrigued about surprising one of her class friends on the gymnastics team, Emily Saenz. "Time to get a little bit more comfortable" Jimena smiled as she continued to remove everything she was wearing: shoes, stockings, necklaces, watch, thong, bra, entire dress. Naked & with the fans blowing inside her hidden room-cave, Jimena pressed the back of her neck before removing her entire human skin, revealing a wet-drenched, naked yucky alien.


Jimena taking off her clothes before shedding her human skin.

Once she removed her human skin, Jimena then secretly teleported to Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ in the middle of the night, where Emily was on the Women's Gymnastics Team: more on that segment in Part II.
Shedding skin (XII).jpg

Following shedding her entire human skin, Jimena then teleported to Tempe, AZ.

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Shedding Emily's skin
10:00 PM MST, January 17th
Somewhere in Tempe, AZ
Shedding skin (XII).jpg

(Part II): Jimena teleported in the outskirts of Tempe, AZ late at night & secretly teleported into Emily's penthouse (which was located on the 1st floor). Emily was sleeping naked on the bed with the fan blowing while Jimena snuck in quietly "Time to take your skin I need to use for awhile" as Jimena used her fingernails to slowly open up the back of Emily's neck all the way toward her buttocks & began removing her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked skinless Emily (who was still asleep during this time).

"Now that's better" as Jimena picked up Emily's human skin before placing it into a large plastic bag & then caressed Emily's naked skinless body as she turned her over on top of her stomach "I will need to remove some things inside here, but injecting you with a secret concoction so that it won't hurt that much". Once that was finished, Jimena slowly removed the entire skeletal: opened up the skull, taking out the brain (putting it into another plastic bag), then removed all of the organs including heart, lungs, ovaries, kidneys, livers, stomach, intestine, both of Emily's eyes, teeth, tongue & everything else.

Then Jimena began shedding the entire outer shell, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath (turning Emily into a naked yucky alien) "Ahhh. Much better, now let's scoop all of the mess up" Jimena exhaled as she placed all of the organs, etc., into large plastic bags into the secret spaceship: then she placed human skin which resembled Emily on the couch (laying it down) & quietly exited the penthouse apartment.

More on Emily waking up later in the TL.


1:59 PM EST, January 21st
Somewhere in the outskirts of Chapel Hill, NC
Raquel Gutierrez of San Antonio, TX was a member of the University of North Carolina Women's Gymnastics Team. She had been uncomfortable wearing human skin all month long because it was too itchy & very sweaty underneath.

Later in the day, Raquel closed the door to her penthouse in the outskirts of Chapel Hill & closed the blinds. Walking naked in the bathroom, she pressed for the pressure points in the back of her neck "Just about right there" she said before removing her entire human skin, revealing a naked skinless Raquel as the human skin fell on the floor "Now that's better" she breathed with sighs of relief as she stepped into the shower.
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Emily wakes up
10:37 AM MST, January 18th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Tempe, AZ

Emily woke up on the morning of January 18th. She had been asleep for longer than a few HRS (considering what Jimena had removed Emily's human skin & organs the night before), "Hmmm. Let me get up to get a shower started" as she got up from the bed, walking to the bathroom..... "OH MY GOD" she thought to herself as she looked herself in the mirror: completely naked & wet, drenched yucky alien "What's happening to me ?" she had said to herself as she looked up & down on her appearance.

It had lasted for more than 28 minutes, Emily noticed a laid out human skin on the couch, "Let me take a shower first" which had lasted for several minutes before getting out of the shower & putting on human skin which resembled her appearance, adjusting for a little bit before getting it right & perfect. Still naked, Emily said to herself "Nobody can know what happened to me. I need to keep this very secret."

Emma enjoys shedding human skin
1:27 PM PHST, January 25th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Naga City, Philippines
Shedding skin (XII).jpg

Emma went back to the secret hideout in the outskirts of Naga City & began removing her human skin from head to toe, revealing her naked yucky alien form: "Time to get some sleep", so she first took a shower & then walked into her bedroom, going to bed for the rest of the day.

She enjoyed shedding human skin including all of the organs & skeletal as well alot. Emma noticed one particular Filipina gymnast, whom she needed to remove human skin off of (more on that later).
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Chapter 4: Natalia reveals her true identity
9:32 PM AST, January 31st
La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Natalia walking toward the bedroom before shedding her entire human skin.

[Part I]: Natalia Aguirre was the wife of Puerto Rico Governor Maria Jose Enriquez (who was the Commonwealth's third female Governor & first LGBTQ Governor). She had been uncomfortable wearing human skin all of the time because it was itching all of the time, but easily managed to avoid it hurting her true self underneath. "This skin is so itchy all of the time, I need to breathe sooner or later" she said to herself during an official function at La Fortleza (Residence of the Puerto Rico Governor) earlier in the day: giving tours of the mansion, holding other official functions, meetings, etc.,

Fast forward to 7:00 PM AST & the first couple went upstairs in the private quarters of the residence (very, very private with no one allowed expect Maria, Natalia & Maria's five daughters). Maria & Natalia were alone inside the bedroom (bedroom doors were locked), "Now it's time to get a little bit more comfortable" Natalia said before walking inside the bathroom to remove her entire clothing: now Natalia looked like a full woman, but somewhere below was a large penis (she was a shemale) & it was kept just between Natalia & Maria for years. Walking to the bedroom naked, Natalia reached the pressure points of the back of her neck "Just a little bit there" before removing her entire human skin, revealing a naked, wet-drenched yucky alien underneath "this feels good" she exhaled as Maria (who was naked on the bed watched: having already known & accepted her wife's secret identity) while Natalia climbed on the bed & was looking at Maria (she was on top of her), spreading Maria's legs wide before penetrating her during sex which lasted more then at last 3 HRS.

After putting on her human skin, Natalia kissed Maria "I'll be going on vacation to get some private relaxation." Maria exhaled "Ok baby. Have a nice quiet vacation" as Natalia put on her clothes & exited down the private secured back exit of the residence driving all the way to a heavily secluded retreat in the outskirts of San Juan (more on that later).

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