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Soledad wakes up & looks at the mirror seeing
her true identity.....
Shedding skin (VIII).jpg

Natalia teleports to CO
10:27 PM MST, October 15th
Somewhere on the campus of the
US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

[Segment will be super erotic]
[Part II]: Upon secretly teleporting in one of the dormitories on the campus of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO., Natalia stepped out of the secret silent teleport spaceship naked, then removed her entire human skin: revealing her true identity: naked yucky alien form.

The time was 10:27 PM MST & Melanie Fontenot (who's biracial: half Korean American & half African American) was a sophomore & member of the US Air Force Women's Gymnastics team, who excelled doing bars, balance beam & vault. She also had a nagging itch having been wearing human skin all of the time "this skin is itchy, I need to take a shower", so she got up from the bed, removed her pajamas & walked naked into one of the private female private shower-rooms.

It was there when Melanie removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a wet, yucky naked alien as she began showering. Natalia quietly snuck up behind Melanie & upon seeing Natalia's super large penis, they engaged in sex escapades in the private shower-room. Fast forward to 12:24 AM MST: Melanie & Natalia (both still naked) engaged in more steamy sex escapade: Melanie laid on her back with her legs spread wide open as Natalia penetrated Melanie's vagina non-stop inside her private dormitory during the late night.

The penetration resulted in more moans from Melanie as Natalia's superlarge penis continued stretching Melanie's vagina super wide, causing water to gush out. It was 1:56 AM MST & Natalia laid on her stomach on the right side of the bed while Melanie continued laying on her back on the left side of the bed.


The secret life of one royal princess consort, who shed her human skin
to reveal her true identity

Soledad enjoying her real self
4:41 AM CLST, October 15th
Somewhere in the hot underground room
inside Palacio de Cerro Castillo, Vina del Mar, Chile
Shedding skin (VIII).jpg

In the early morning HRS of October 15th, Soledad woke up from the black stretcher & walked over to the mirror looking at herself "Hmmm. This feels good" she happily exhaled as she enjoyed looking all over her naked body, while slowly stepping over the mangled human skin & organs that was lying glistening on the ground.

Soledad got inside one of the teleports & secretly left via teleport to an undisclosed location which resulted in her landing at a heavily secluded farm-house somewhere.....


The secret life of one princess consort
10:56 PM CET, October 24th
Palace of Laeken
Outskirts of Brussels, Belgium

Princess Martina was having a nagging itch along the back of her neck "this human skin is so itchy, why can't I find that nagging spot to get rid of that damn itch" she said to herself while inside her room at one of the private quarters of the Palace of Laeken in the outskirts of Brussels. She was also an impressive gymnasts (floor, vault & balance beam) in the Belgian Women's Gymnastics Team as well; fast forward to the night of October 24th & Martina still was uncomfortable wearing human skin considering she had been looking uncomfortable or awkward throughout the day.

The time was 10:56 PM CET & everyone else in the Royal family went overseas on a historic state visit to South Africa for the remainder of the week (having left earlier in the day), which meant Martina had the private family quarters all to herself. "Now that everyone is away, I get to have the entire palace all to myself" while she was finished reading a book inside her room on the second floor, once she quietly walked across the room over to the private bathroom: where Martina (who was only wearing a robe), dropped the robe & began to take a shower for several minutes, getting out of the private shower-room: naked & barefoot as well as very wet.

"Just about right there, almost getting some breathing room" Martina said to herself as she slowly began shedding human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath.

Valeria revealing her true self
10:00 PM MST, October 27th
Somewhere on the campus of the
US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
La Fiesta Del Chivo (I).jpg

Valeria laying naked on her back on the bed before shedding her human skin.

[Part I]: Valeria Santos of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a redshirt Sophomore on the US Air Force Academy Women's Gymnastics Team & had excelled in the following events: Balance Beam, Bars, Vault & Floor. She also had trouble wearing human skin all of the time because it was too itchy, hot underneath & sweaty as well "This human skin is too hot, itchy, sweaty, & downright a little bit wet because I can't breathe with all of this hot air inside of here" she quietly grumbled to herself inside of the private dormitories on a quiet Thursday night.

The time was getting close to 10:00 PM MST & Valeria had just gotten done finishing on some last-minute homework assignments & was looking forward to having some alone time, "Now I just need to get comfortable" she gleefully exhaled as she removed her entire clothing from head to toe, completely naked (her clothes were placed in a clothes-hamper basket).

After laying on her back, completely naked, on the bed for half an HR while looking at the roof, Valeria got up from the bed & walked into the secret compartment of her private dormitory & closed the door: then felt the pressure point of the back of her neck & slowly removed her human skin, revealing a wet-drenched, naked yucky alien underneath "Much better" she exhaled as she began to continue shedding her human skin....

Princess Natasha shedding skin (IV).jpg
Valeria exhaling of being free to breathe from wearing the hot human skin.


More skin shedding from Valeria
10:36 PM MST, October 27th
Somewhere on the campus of the
US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Valeria shedding human skin (III).jpg
Valeria placing her right foot on a stretcher to shed more human skin....

[Part II]: It was 10:36 & a wet-drenched, naked Valeria in her true alien form, placed her right foot on a black stretcher "Time to shed more of this worn out human skin" she said to herself while slowly shedding skin off the following: right thigh, right foot, then removed human skin off of her left thigh, left foot. Once that was done, Valeria adjusted the lower part of her backside & slowly peeled off skin from her entire buttocks (which fell on the ground quietly) "Ahhhh" she exhaled so proudly as she peeled off the remainder of the human skin off of her entire lower backside.

She then removed the remaining human skin off of her entire back. "Just a minute, almost there...." Valeria calmly said inside the hidden secret underground compartment of her private dormitory. The time was now 10:56 PM MST & peeled off human skin from the following: left arm, left wrist & left hand....
Olivia sheds her human skin (II).jpg

Valeria shedding more human skin inside the secret underground compartment....

Olivia sheds her human skin (IV).jpg
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