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Isabela's secret life behind closed doors
8:03 PM AST, October 28th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Pago Pago, American Samoa


Isabela walking naked inside the secret underground compartment
before shedding her human skin.

There was an itch that needed to be relieved, "I cannot keep wearing this itchy skin because it's sweaty underneath" said Isabela Cojuangco from Naga City, Philippines. Isabela had been having visiting American Samoa for a vacation week. It was 8:03 PM HST & she walked underneath the underground compartment of a hidden, secluded house in a heavily secluded section in the outskirts of Pago Pago.

Naked, sweating & itching to relieve her true identity, Isabel reached at the back of her neck & peeled off her entire human skin, revealing a naked red yucky alien underneath "Much better" she exhaled as water gushed out of her vagina. She walked into the ice-cold freezer to check on remaining human skins resembling her appearance (it was over 773 of these skins). Then she picked up her mangled human skin (which was laying on the floor) & placed it on the cold, steel slab cooler to soak because she was going to put it back on later in the week.

Soon afterwards, Isabela then quietly walked upstairs & into her room, where she proudly looked at herself in the mirror of her large bedroom "It feels so good, relieved to be free of wearing that human skin" she said to herself; Isabela then walked into the shower & took a shower that lasted around 32 minutes. Walking out of the shower naked & barefoot, she quietly got into bed & went to sleep.


Emma's Secret Hideout in Maui
1:28 PM HST, October 30th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Maui, HI

Emma was in a heavily secluded retreat in the outskirts of Maui, HI. Barefoot & not wearing any clothes, she enjoyed being naked alot. "Feels so refreshing to be without any clothing" but deep down, she really was itching to shed her human skin again. The time was 1:40 PM HST & she got up from a lounging seat in the backyard of the secluded retreat, next to the swimming pool & removed her entire human skin, revealing her true form: naked yucky alien underneath.

Her mangled human skin layed on the ground outside of the patio & she walked inside the living room of her secluded retreat & walked into the underground room, where she was planning on removing human skin & everything else off of Vanessa Cabello of Maui, who was a member of the US Air Force Women's Gymnastics Team (more on that later in the TL).

Emma looked at Vanessa (who was laying on her stomach on a stretcher), analyzed the pressure points & decided to return later in the night or next morning. Fast forward to 7:35 PM HST, Emma walked into one of the bedrooms of the secluded retreat & closed the door "Hmmm. Feels so good to be free without having to wear human skin all of the time," she said to herself.
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Meanwhile in Shirley's penthouse apartment....
10:33 PM EST, November 1st
Somewhere in NY St
Unmasking inside the underground room.jpg

Following a long busy schedule earlier in the day, Shirley went back to her penthouse apartment & locked the doors "Now time to get a little bit more comfortable" she said to herself while walking toward her private bedroom & shed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath. Once that was done, Shirley walked over to a private compartment & grabbed a shining silver teleport machine & pressed the button to get an incision across the back of an unconscious Miss USA Pamela Townsend of Boise, ID.

After using the teleport incision machine, Shirley then slowly removed the entire skeletal (placed it onto a cooling soaking stretcher), then slowly removed the following: brain, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum, pituitary, parathyroid, esophagus, larynx, teeth, eyes, heart, adrenals, lungs, intestine, stomach, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus & the vagina (all of which were carefully placed into different clear containers).

Shirley then analyzed the pressure points to removing Pamela's skin & slowly removed the entire human skin from behind, which caused something to gush out onto the floor; the mangled human skin of Pamela was carefully placed onto the floor was glistening with sweat as Shirley slowly shed Pamela's skin slowly piece by piece from head to toe. The time was 11:25 PM & Shirley placed a still unconscious naked, skinless Pamela onto the bed.


Martina's secret deep-thorough escapade
4:56 PM AST, November 6th
Outskirts of Pago Pago, American Samoa
Sexy steamy shower.jpg

Princess Martina getting out of the shower before shedding her human skin inside a secluded private resort.
It was a quiet, Thursday afternoon in the outskirts of Pago Pago, American Samoa & Princess Martina was on a long 3 months-long vacation, being away from the heavy-lifting royal duties back in Belgium. She needed a long, quiet break all by herself. Along with her on the secret vacation trip was Jean-Claude DeGuesse, who was an Afro-Belgian serving in the Belgian Land Component (previously known as the Belgian Army for several years before being changed). Jean-Claude had also been serving as a close confidential bodyguard of the Belgian Royal consort princess & been accompanying her on the months-long vacation.....

The time was 4:46 PM AST & the clothes of Jean-Claude were properly laid atop of a couch, while the clothes of Martina was placed next to it on an adjoining smaller couch inside the secretive, heavily secluded private resort: Martina was preparing to get out of the shower "This human skin is still itchy & needs to be removed entirely, so I can breathe much better" she said to herself before turning off the shower inside the open-aired bathroom following Jean-Claude (who had earlier gotten out of the shower). Naked, wet & sweating, Martina was brushing off water from her wet hair before hearing squishing sounds across the hall (Jean-Claude had removed his human skin, revealing a yucky naked alien underneath).

Jean-Claude & Martina looked at each other face-to-face very close, while Jean-Claude slowly removed Martina's entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked, wet yucky alien underneath; he lifted her up from the floor all the way to the bedroom, where he placed her slowly on the large king-sized bed. Fast forward to 5:27 PM AST & Martina was laying on her back on the bed with her legs spread very wide open in the air (the fan was blowing slowly) as Jean-Claude analyzed the pressure point of penetrating her; he slowly used his super-large penis to penetrate & stretch Martina's vagina very wide..... "Ahhh" Martina exhaled calmly as she lost her virginity for the very first time while Jean-Claude pulled out his super-large penis out of her vagina before penetrating her once again: she then let out a quiet, calm moan as her vagina continued to be stretched completely wide.

They continued to have long, penetrating sex as Martina (still lying on her back on the bed) grabbed Jean-Claude's buttocks tightly as he continued to penetrate non-stop; they kissed repeatedly & using lots of tongue a lot while Jean-Claude slowly kissed all over Martina's naked body from head to toe; both letting out moans non-stop during this escapade, which lasted more than 6 HRS.

Fast forward to 11:00 PM AST inside the bedroom of the secretive, heavily-secluded resort, Jean-Claude was on the right side of the bed sleeping on his stomach, while Martina (both still naked from earlier in the day) continued to lie on her back with her legs spread very wide as she was looking at the fan blowing.


The Secret Life of Chloe Valdes
[Segment will be divided into different parts]
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Maria Jose reveals her true self.....
10:24 PM AST, November 19th
Somewhere in one of the private quarters of La Fortaleza
San Juan, Puerto Rico
[Segment will be super erotic & grisly; plus divided into several parts]

Maria Jose removing her entire human skin inside her private bedroom at La Fortaleza.

[Part I]: Maria Jose had gotten back from a long working week of the National Governors Association in Anchorage, AK. "What a busy week working with the other governors. Now I need a break back at home finally" she said to herself.

Inside one of the private quarters (extremely private & inaccessible from everyone) of La Fortaleza in San Juan, Maria Jose had locked the doors of her large bedroom suite; she was also feeling a little bit uncomfortable with human skin: it was itchy, sweaty, scratchy, oily & wet underneath. The time was 10:24 PM & Maria Jose had took off all of her clothes from head to toe: sweaty & wet naked inside her bedroom.

Ximena Santos (who was Miss Puerto Rico) was invited by the Puerto Rican Governor to spend a couple of days at the executive mansion, so she happily accepted & slept in the adjoining room in one of the private quarters when she was a little bit thirsty "Just need to sneak off & get some water, but I am intrigued to see this secret compartment" Ximena quietly said while sneaking off into one of the secret compartments which was adjoining Maria Jose's private large bedroom.

Peeking through the blinds, Ximena watched as Maria Jose reach at the back of her neck, slowly removing her entire human skin from head toe..... "Whoa!" Ximena mouthed to herself as she watched Maria Jose continuing to shed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a very pregnant yucky naked alien underneath.

Relieved to be free from wearing human skin, Maria Jose breathed a huge sigh of relief "It's so breezy & cold with fresh cold air" as she quietly opened the secret compartment & surprised Ximena (who was only wearing pajamas & barefoot). "Madam Governor, I didn't know about the..." Ximena gasped before Maria Jose calmly walked toward her, "Hush sweetie. Just be calm, let me remove this clothing you've got" as Maria Jose slowly ripped off Ximena's pajamas from head to toe including thong & white-clothed under-garments: Ximena was sweating drenched & completely naked as Maria Jose caressed her entire body, kissing her stomach all while fondling Ximena's breasts & stomach "I am feeling some organs which I need for some nourishment if that's ok" as she was pointing toward her large pregnant belly. Ximena groveled & said "It's ok Madam Governor". Maria Jose interjected "Mirabella (Maria Jose's birth name)".

After being calmly told to lie back on the kingsize bed & relax, Ximena (still naked from head to toe) pushed herself to the very top of the pillow while looking at the fan blowing. Maria Jose used an injection device "This will be quick, just relax Ximena" while injecting a concoction into Ximena's vagina with her legs spread very wide on the bed. It was 10:56 PM & Maria Jose used her fingernails as an incision across the back of Ximena's neck & slowly, carefully removed Ximena's entire human skin, revealed skinless. Squishing sounds on the floor as Ximena's human skin was properly placed on the bedroom floor: then Maria Jose removed the following off of Ximena: entire skeletal, brain, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum, pituitary, parathyroid, esophagus, larynx, teeth, eyes, heart, adrenals, lungs, intestine, stomach, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus & vagina (all of the organs were placed on seperate shining cooling objects).

It was 11:00 PM & Ximena was revealed as a naked yucky alien on the bed & continued to lie on the bed as Maria Jose needed a secret midnight snack, eating one of the glistening organs of Ximena from one of the cooling objects because Maria Jose had secret cravings due to her pregnancy. Once that was finished, the remaining organs were put into one of the secret compartments & teleported to Maria Jose's home planet of Zultach. "Now that wasn't that bad Ximena. It feels refreshing" as Ximena looked down her entire body quietly relieved; the replica of human skins of Ximena were in the teleport closet: being cooled & soaking thoroughly, while the human skin, that Maria Jose had removed off of Ximena was lying on a cold slab.
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More of Maria Jose revealing her true self.....
4:55 PM AST, November 20th
Somewhere in one of the private quarters of La Fortaleza
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Maria Jose shedding human skin in one of the private bathrooms
inside her private bedroom at La Fortaleza.

[Part II]: On a Saturday afternoon inside one of the private quarters of La Fortaleza, Maria Jose had been having secret contractions due to her obvious pregnancy "It's time to give birth" she said to herself (while Ximena was still inside the private adjoining room next to hers asleep). The time was 4:55 PM AST & she slowly removed her entire human skin, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath & continued shedding for several minutes.....

Shedding skin (IV).jpg

After the shedding of human skin, water gushed out of Maria Jose's vagina as it revealed her water had broke. Pressing the secret alarm button, Ximena helped Maria Jose onto the bed, spread her entire legs as she began a long, long birth. Naked, sweating & wet, Maria Jose pushed, pushed, pushed & pushed as Ximena slowly grabbed the baby out of the was another healthy baby girl who Maria Jose named Mirabella after more than 6+ hours of birth. The time was 10:55 PM AST & Ximena cleaned up Mirabella (the sixth daughter), placed her onto a crib & watched quietly as Maria Jose went to sleep because this pregnancy had been going on for months......

In the meantime, Ximena was planning to leave Puerto Rico in preparation for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in a few weeks, but would plan to return to Puerto Rico once the competition is over (more on that later).
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Ginalyn's secretive identity revealed....
8:30 PM MST, December 1st
Somewhere on the campus of Boise State University, Boise, ID

Ginalyn removing her human skin.....

[Part I]: Lee Geun-hwak (nicknamed Ginalyn) was a Korean American gymnast for the Boise State Broncos Women's Gymnastics Team. She had been excelling in vault, bars, balance beam & floor exercise; Ginalyn was a red-shirt freshman & had been awarded with a couple of awards during the previous Gymnastics season & was looking forward preparing for the upcoming season. "Now that I have time to myself, I can enjoy being free for awhile" Ginalyn secretly said to herself.

The time was 8:30 PM MST & Ginalyn was inside her private dormitory while she was looking at the mirror removing house-shoes, when one of her classmates & fellow teammates on the Boise State Broncos Women's Gymnastics Team, Rhonda Munoz of Phoenix, AZ accidentally barged into the room & was asking some weird questions about practice. Ginalyn slowly removed her entire robe (she was naked underneath) & turned around to face Rhonda before telling her "Now it's time to remove some uncomfortable itchy skin....." before widening the back of her neck to slowly remove her human skin.....


Rhonda, on the other hand, had no idea on what Ginalyn was talking about, but she was about to discover who the real Ginalyn really was...... (more on that later in Part II).
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Shedding of Ginalyn continues....
8:36 PM MST, December 1st
Somewhere on the campus of Boise State University, Boise, ID

Ginalyn continuing to shed her human skin....

[Part II]: It was 8:36 PM MST & Ginalyn continued to widening the back of her neck as she continued to remove her entire human skin, in order to get some fresh air underneath. Hearing the squishing sounds, Rhonda freaked out as she saw her roommate revealing her true self....... a naked, skinless worm-like demon underneath. Trying to get out of the private dormitory, Rhonda tried unsuccessfully to get out of there, but the doors were locked so tightly nobody would leave during the night....

Ginalyn's secret life (IV).jpg

Ginalyn's secret life (VIII).jpg

"Much better" Ginalyn said to a horrified Rhonda as she continued shedding her entire human skin, before placing it on a resting-type area inside the private dormitory, then carefully making sure nothing was damaged before turning around "Rhonda. I need to have your skin right now" as she looked at her before using an electric zapping machine to freeze Rhonda & knock her unconscious (more of that in Chapter 6)......

Ginalyn's secret life (X).jpg

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