Sci-Fi Emma's secretive urge TL

10:28 PM PST, December 14th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia

Pamela had teleported secretly to one of the rooms of the Hotel Excelsior in the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was a late Tuesday night & before the teleporting machine opened up, Pamela slowly shed the following: skeletal, brain, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum, pitutiary, parathyroid, esophogus, larynx, teeth, eyes, heart, adrenals, lungs, intestine, stomach, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus & the vagina. Once that was finished, the doors of the teleporting machine opened up & Pamela (who was a naked yucky alien underneath) slowly stepped out of it & walked into a large women's restroom "Hoping nobody sees my real self".

The time was 10:28 PM & Pamela looked around inside the restroom, hoping nobody discovers her true self & true identity. Once her eyes scanned that nobody was inside, she calmly walked toward one of the private corridors, pushed the button which opened up, showing human skin with her resemblance, which Pamela slowly put on the human skin from head to toe, making sure it was properly fixed & adjusted correctly. Fast forward 16 minutes later, she opened the door of the private room, & walked toward a large basket of towels, which she placed around her naked body; still naked & barefoot, Pamela then used another secret teleport which got her into her hotel room (which she locked it from the inside), dropping the towel, Pamela took a shower which lasted about 20 minutes before getting out of the shower, still naked & barefoot without wearing a towel & went to bed, but not before kneeling to pray for a few minutes.

In a few days, Pamela would be participating in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant (which was to be held in Vancouver & more on that later in Chapter 6).
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Chloe Valdes & her secret life.....
5:17 PM SST, December 16th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Queenstown, Singapore
[This segment will be erotic]
Chloe laying on the floor of Lawrence Yong's private penthouse apartment after a steamy escapade...

[Part I]: It was a hot Saturday afternoon in the outskirts of Queenstown, Singapore & Chloe Valdes, who was a French-Singaporean gymnast had been getting extremely itching to release her true self. She had been driven to the outskirts of Queenstown earlier in the day & after being dropped off, Chloe walked all the way towards the private penthouse apartment of Lawrence Yong, who was on the coaching staff of the Singaporean National Women's Gymnastics Team for several years. The time was 5:17 PM & after letting herself inside Lawrence's private penthouse apartment, "I need to get rid of this oily human skin because it's sweaty" Chloe said to herself because it was also discovered that Lawrence was also an alien wearing human skin as well..... "I need to lock the doors here real quick" he said & soon afterwards, they ripped each other's clothes off & both naked.

During this time, they engaged in super erotic sexual escapades on the hard-rocked floor for about 28 minutes. Chloe & Lawrence both moaned non-stop during this escapade as the inside of the penthouse apartment was extremely hot & steaming; once that was finished, Lawrence felt an urge & began shedding on the floor, shedding his entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked blue alien underneath. It wasn't long before Chloe (still laying on her back naked) began shedding her human skin as well, revealing a naked blue alien underneath.

The time was 5:56 PM & once Chloe was placed onto the bed, with her legs spread wide open, Lawrence used his super large penis to penetrate her non-stop which let out more moans from Chloe repeatedly as they engaged in another sexual escapade. Fast forward to 3 HRS later, both Lawrence & Chloe teleported to their real home planet, Xelcualz......
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Chloe returns home to Xelculaz
4:47 AM, December 16th
Somewhere in the planet of Xelculaz...

Chloe walking inside her bedroom at her home....

[Part II]: After arriving back in her home planet in Xelculaz, Chloe stepped out of the teleporting spaceship still naked & wet, walking over to her house. It had been a breath of fresh relief that she had removed her itchy human skin back in Singapore "Feels so free to be my true self" she exhaled before getting into the bathroom to take a shower for several minutes.

Once that was done, Chloe got out of the shower, wiped herself off with a towel (later putting back on the towel hangar) & got out of the bathroom still naked & barefoot, walking towards her bed inside the bedroom. First, she opened the closet door to check human skins of her resemblance, making sure nothing was damaged; Chloe couldn't resist the urge of shedding human skin non-stop back in Singapore or even in her home planet of Xelculaz.
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Emma returns home to the Philippines
5:47 PM PHST, December 16th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Naga City, Philippines

Emma exiting the private bathroom inside the secluded hideout after teleporting from Maui, HI.
On Saturday evening, Emma secretly teleported back home in the outskirts of Naga City, Philippines. Naked & barefoot, she had been wet & sweaty, "This is sweaty & oily, I need to get another pair of human skin in a few minutes just after I remove this disguise real quick." Pressuring the pressure points of the back of her neck, Emna exhaled as she slowly removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a wet-drenched naked yucky alien underneath.

Walking towards one of the private rooms, she glanced at Hannah (more on Hannah later in Chapter 6) before moving down the hallway & turning left to a secret compartment underground room, where Emma then pressed the button: opened the door then closing behind her as she picked up another disguise of human skin with Hannah's resemblance placing it on the steel slab.

Fast forward to 5 HRS later, Emma put on Hannah's human skin, adjusting it to make sure the breasts & vagina were properly adjusted & corrected "This will be intriguing for awhile as I will be you for awhile" looking at herself in the mirror still naked & barefoot.

Returning to the private room, Emma injected a secret concoction into Hannah's vagina before leaving the door wide open before teleporting to Singapore.
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Shirley returns home to India & sheds her human skin in revealing her true self

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Shirley returns home to India for good.....
8:27 PM IST, December 20th
Somewhere in the outskirts of New Delhi, India

Shirley naked inside her secluded home before shedding her entire human skin....

Less than 24 HRS after handing the Miss Universe crown to Ximena Santos of Puerto Rico (who won the Miss Universe pageant in Vancouver, British Columbia the night before: more on Ximena in Chapter 6), Shirley gave final interviews with those who supported her reign as Miss Universe over the nearly 2 1/2 years & after spending the night at one of the hotels in Vancouver, she was very eager to return home to India for good & live a quiet, private life.

Upon arriving in New Delhi on December 20th, Shirley stepped out of the private plane & headed towards her vehicle & drove all the way to her heavily secluded home in the outskirts of New Delhi (just the way she wanted it) "Finally home in India at last. Now I get to be free of wearing this human skin for awhile because wearing it over the past 2 1/2 years was a little bit frustrating & itchy". It was 8:00 PM IST & Shirley (who had already arrived at her secluded private home around 7:57 PM IST), got inside, locked the doors tightly, closed all of the blinds & made sure it was just her inside the house.

Fast forward to 8:46 PM IST, after she took a shower, Shirley got out of the shower wiping herself off with a towel & threw the towel on the floor: naked & barefoot, she was ready to shed her human skin because she needed to breathe "Getting rid of this human skin & revealing my true self for awhile" as she grabbed the pressure points of the back of her neck before exhaling as she shed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath "Now that's much better" Shirley happily exhaled as the mangled human skin dropped on the floor of the bedroom.
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Pamela teleports to Martiza...
2:05 PM MST, December 27th
Somewhere in Boise, ID

It was December 21st & Pamela had returned to her hometown of Boise, ID to enjoy a long holiday break following the recent Miss Universe pageant in Vancouver, British Columbia (where she placed in the Top 5). After enjoying some Christmas holiday dinner with her family, Pamela drove back to her heavily secluded cabin somewhere in the outskirts of Boise (with large mountain overlooking it). It had been just six days since returning from Vancouver & for Pamela, she needed time to herself "Finally alone in my heavily secluded cabin, where I prefer to be left alone without nagging security guards around" she said to herself by closing all of the blinds & locking the doors tightly.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon of December 27th, the time was 2:05 PM MST & Pamela ripped off a long maroon robe to the floor, then stared at the floor naked & barefoot as she began to shed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath "This feels good to be out of this itchy skin" she happily exhaled, while putting the human skin by laying it on the rocking chair of her bedroom.

Next, Pamela then walked downstairs towards the secret underground dungeon where she looked at some shining objects to use in removing necessary itchy things while probing an unconscious Kimberly Gonzalez (who was naked & barefoot with legs spread wide open on a stretcher), Pamela had spiked some drinks knocking Kimberly out "Need to see those organs" she calmly exhaled as she used a carving shining knife to draw incision acrosd Kimberly's back in order to slowly & thoroughly remove her skin: Pamela slowly carefully removed the following off of Kimberly: Skeletal, Brain, Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Cerebellum, Pituitary, Parathyroid, Esophagus, Larynx, Teeth, Eyes, Heart, Lungs, Adrenals, Intestine, Stomach, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Uterus & Vagina (each were carefully placed into separate cooling machines).

Afterwards, Pamela then slowly peeled off the human skin off of Kimberly from head to toe & thoroughly washed her with a clapping hose. Once that was done, Pamela used a concoction, injecting it between Kimberly's legs (injecting it into the vagina) & wheeled Kimberly into the teleporting machine & pressed the teleporting button which left for Pamela's home planet of Martiza.
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Skin shedding in India....
8:20 PM IST, December 27th
Somewhere in India

It was 8:20 PM IST at night somewhere in India & one beautiful young woman couldn't stop shedding her human skin "I just cannot resist getting rid of this human skin" as she thoroughly shed her entire human skin, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath before jumping into the swimming pool. Her mangled human skin was laying on the ground next to the swimming pool inside an underground bunker.

She continued doing her swimming for about half an HR: later pressing a button, which opened up, leading toward a large waterfall outside as she exhaled with relief..... (more on the beautiful young woman later).
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One secretive night in Koh Samet....
3:56 AM ICT, December 28th
Somewhere in Koh Samet, Thailand
Valeria shedding human skin (VII).jpg

Jayda removing the organs & human skin of Princess Nariratana inside the secret underground bunker of Nariratana's heavily secluded beach resort.

Jayda Yingluck had been in Thailand for the entire month: she had removed her human skin inside a secret underground beach resort on the island of Koh Samet, Thailand where Princess Nariratana was laying on a stretcher naked & barefoot with her legs spread wide (with a white sheet covering her backside). The time was 3:56 AM ICT & she slowly removed all of the organs & eventually Nariratana's entire human skin from head to toe (following removing the white sheet covering her backside); squishing sounds ensued during this time before finishing, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath "Hmmmm" Nariratana hummed as Jayda removed her entire human skin from head to toe.

Chapter 6: Meanwhile at La Fortaleza.....
7:28 PM AST, December 31st
Somewhere at La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico

[Part I]: It was nearing New Year's Eve & Ximena Santos (who had won the Miss Universe pageant a few weeks earlier), was greeted to a homecoming parade on December 20th in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: she was awarded with several honors such as being given keys to the City of San Juan, the Commonwealth & awarded with Medal of Valor from Puerto Rico Governor Maria Jose Aguirre in an extremely private ceremony. Fast forward to New Years Eve, Ximena was once again invited to personally spend time with Maria Jose & her family inside La Fortaleza during the Christmas & New Years Eve holiday breaks (once Ximena was finished spending time with family during the holidays). It was back to going to her patriotic duty of personal service to the Commonwealth....

Fast forward to the evening of December 31st. It was a Sunday evening & Ximena was let through the back private entrance of La Fortaleza by Martina herself "Congratulations Ximena. How does it feel to become the youngest winner of Miss Universe?" Ximena replied "It feels refreshing, but the stress of the rigorous work of the title can be overbearing sometimes...." Martina then responded, "No problem, I've got to take care of some things & get a little bit comfortable, I'll be back" as she closed the doors tightly & double-locked it.


The secret identity of India's youngest female President Melody Dutta
[This will be divided into different parts]
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