Sci-Fi Emma's secretive urge TL

Part I of the secret identity of India's youngest female President Melody Dutta
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More of an intriguing night at La Fortaleza
9:00 PM AST, December 31st
Somewhere inside La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico
A very dark night at La Fortaleza...

[Part II]: It was nearing the end of New Years Eve & Ximena was inside the large private restroom after drinking some hard special drinks to take some edge off. Entering the large private bedroom, Natalia had changed into only a black robe, where she removed Ximena's clothes from head to toe & was looking intrigued at the beauty of Ximena's naked body caressing her breasts "You're beautiful".

Then proceeded to remove any remaining clothing off of Ximena, who stood there naked & shaking. The time was 9:36 PM AST & she had laid on her back with her legs spread wide open as Natalia removed all remaining clothing off of Ximena. Soon afterwards, Natalia dropped her robe & was naked from head to toe as she crawled onto the bed while Ximena was preparing for the penetration: feeling Natalia's super large penis as her vagina was stretched completely wide, letting out a quiet soft moan then gazing into Natalia's eyes as she penetrated Ximena once again, who let out more soft moans.....

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Part III of Natalia aggressively & thoroughly penetrating Ximena...
La Fiesta Del Chivo (III).jpg
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Ximena reveals her true self....
10:00 PM AST, December 31st
Somewhere inside La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico
La Fiesta Del Chivo (III).jpg

Ximena laying on the bed after getting aggressively penetrated by Natalia
before shedding her human skin later in the night....

[Part III]: During the intercourse, Natalia used her large penis to aggressively penetrate Ximena, who was screaming as the aggressive & rough penetration caused Ximena's vagina to bleed thoroughly (as Ximena had been a virgin before tonight). This lasted for almost half an HR & the time was now 10:30 PM, when Natalia got up from the bed (she was on top of Ximena) & walked into a private underground room (which led to an underground private resort in the outskirts of San Juan), where she removed her human skin waiting for Ximena to come along....

Laying on the bed for several minutes, Ximena had the courage to get up slowly from the bed: naked & barefoot & walked into the private underground room: where she removed her entire human skin from head to toe, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath. "Now let's get rid of this human skin & put it into the furnace" Natalia exhaled as she grabbed the human skin of Ximena, placing it into a furnace before pushing a button burning it into ashes.

Skin shedding (III).jpg

Ximena removing her human skin inside a private underground room....

Once that was done, Natalia & Ximena got out of the secret teleporting machine: which led them to a secluded, small beach town, where they engaged in more secret sex escapade, where Natalia penetrated Ximena non-stop throughout the remainder of New Years' Eve.......​

Somewhere in Boise....
2:19 PM MST, January 1st
Somewhere in the outskirts of Boise, ID

In the middle of a secluded big house hideout, Ginalyn slowly removed the entire human skin of Rhonda, which fell on the ground with splash of water gushing out; after removing the organs & skeletal, Ginalyn pressed the injection of a device which turned Rhonda into a naked worm-like demon. Having been held captive for more than several weeks, Rhonda continued gushing out water non-stop which lasted more than 32 minutes.

The time was 2:19 PM & it was New Years Day in the outskirts of Boise. Rhonda had woken up from a long slumber & looked herself in the mirror, gasping as she was shocked seeing herself as a naked worm-like demon from head to toe "What happened to my entire body ?" she asked herself as she walked everywhere inside the underground dungeon trying to find out what happened to her skin........

Teleporting to Singapore
4:20 PM SST, January 6th
Somewhere in Singapore.....

In the middle of nowhere somewhere in one of the outskirt private island-beach towns in Singapore, Emma's secret teleporting spaceship arrived in the middle of a large, underground swimming pool: masquerading as "Hannah" naked & barefoot swimming non-stop inside the swimming pool before proceeding to remove her entire human skin, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath. She then placed Hannah's human skin on top of a lounging seat next to the swimming pool on the right side before jumping back in to swim a couple of more laps before getting out of the pool.
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Meanwhile at Palacio de Cierro Castillo
10:44 PM CLT, January 16th
Somehwere at Palacio de Cierro Castillo, Vina del Mar, Chile


Olivia removing her clothes before shedding her human skin inside her room at Palacio de Cierro Castillo.
Since winning the Presidential runoff election in a landslide from the previous December, Olivia had been making plans on what her inauguration would entail (becoming the South American country's second female President); following lots of meetings during the transition at La Moneda, she drove all the way back to the summer residence: Palacio de Cierro Castillo in Vina del Mar, where Olivia got inside walking upstairs & headed towards the private family quarters, where she locked the door. The time was 10:44 PM CLT & Olivia as the President-elect, decided to get a little bit more comfortable: removing her clothing from head to toe, before removing her entire human skin, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath.

Once that was done, Olivia then snuck through the private rooms of the family quarters of Palacio de Cierro Castillo wondering whose skin to use "I've got an idea" she said to herself. Sneaking to the back of the summer residence, jumping into the deep water swimming all the way toward her secret spaceship underwater, where she teleported to an undisclosed location for several days.
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Secretive life in Mumbai....
2:28 PM, January 17th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Mumbai, India


Nakita naked inside the bathroom before removing her entire human skin.
Nakita Casteliano of New Delhi, India was having problems wearing human skin because it was itchy, oily, scratchy & too hot "This skin is annoyingly hot because I cannot breathe & need some fresh air". Taking off her clothes & walking into the middle of the bathroom naked & barefoot, Nakita slowly removed her entire human skin from head to toe; then she continued shedding: removing the entire skeletal, brain, brain stem, cerebellum, cerebrum, pituitary, parathyroid, esophagus, larynx, teeth, eyes, heart, adrenals, lungs, intestine, stomach, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus & vagina.

Once the shedding was finished, revealing a naked yucky alien underneath, Nakita then placed the gooing organs into one of the secluded rooms: putting onto a furnace, then picked up the mangled human skin (placed it into a cooling soaking machine). Following burning the organs, Nakita scooped up the ashes & scattered it by pouring it into a large sink.

Fast forward to 3:00 PM, Nakita walked into a underground secret compartment, where she laid into a cooling water machine & swam non-stop.

Emma's urge of nourishment....
9:00 PM SST, January 16th
Somewhere in Singapore

It was a late night in Singapore as Emma (who was in her true form as a naked yucky alien) was lurking somewhere in the neighborhood's outskirts. She had seen a group of bullies harassing a scarred Ursula Cheng (whose face was scarred from a hot-chemical attack); the bullies wouldn't let up, they kept harassing her non-stop to the point of shoving her onto the ground because they were about to beat her up violently.

"Time to do something about this" Emma thought to herself as she lunged at the group of bullies, letting out a loud horror-like yell as they turned around & tried to throw stuff at Emma, who grabbed one of the bullies named William, who kicked her in the left leg & before he knew what happened next, got a response with an electric-sharp stick through his left eye. Then Scotty saw what was happening as Emma helped herself by ripping William's entire body open by eating organs, guts, etc., "What in the frack is this felgercarb ?" he said being horrified as Scotty then tried to get his pistol to shoot at Emma. It didn't work as the bullets missed hitting a tree.

Scotty ran like the coward by heading towards his Pontiac, tried to start the ignition as Emma kept walking toward him. Then less than 16 seconds later, she launched a knife at the driver's side of the Pontiac, shattering the window; "You're not a human!" he yelled as he attempted to drive out of the neighborhood before being on the receiving end on another large sharp object which fatally hit in through the back of his seat killing him, causing the Pontiac to run into another tree later exploding.

Mitch, who witnessed the horror of two of his buddies being on the gory-receiving end of a deadly end, picked up a pistol of his own & yelled "Come Get Me You Ugly Piece of felgercarb!" before running as far as the outskirts of the neighborhood when he got into an SUV van, also trying to start the ignition. Once again, Emma slowly walked toward Mitch, who in the final moments of his life, tried to run her over. It didn't work as Emma used some teleporting powers to throw Mitch's SUV van all the way toward the bridge, which explodes killing him instantly.....

Once the group of bullies were killed & eaten by Emma, she then walked all the way back toward the undisclosed area to where Ursula was shivering. "Relax. I'm not going to eat you or anything" Emma calmly told her, while checking to see if she was injured or anyway. Ursula responded "I have this large scar on the left side of my face & something urging on the inside of my body" (more on Ursula later in the TL). Didn't take long for Emma to figure out that Ursula was a half-human/half-alien: "I'm going to take you somewhere where nobody will find out what's going on or know where we're going". Ursula happily agreed & they left the undisclosed outskirts of the neighborhood......