[ENDED] Who's That? 3

Sep 3, 2003
Charlie said:
Here was the orig. pic:
It was JJ! Charlie you deciever :mad: :LOL:
I thought it had to be someone in the cast! BAH!
Oh, all you get to do it change your name with 3 points? I like my name so it doesn't matter. :)
JJ in that pic looks so young? How old is he anyways?

Sep 3, 2003
Alias_Girl_624 said:
charlie!!! u should have told us it was someone that has to do with alias!!! lol i guessed colin farrell! :LOL:
Colin Farell :LOL:

I said Weiss cause his birthday is soon and I thought... Never mind :LOL:



Mar 1, 2003
USA, Virginia/Utah
That's such a cool idea Charlie. :LOL: Thanx so much for doing all these contests ^_^ YOu rock my world. :Punkrock:

Siri...bald man with his legs crossed? :blink:

Puhhleeeease :rolleyes: If anything it was a parrot on a motorcycle. (y)
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