May 28, 2005
A/N: Okay, in this fic:

Sydney works for the CIA, but not as an agent.
Vaughn does too.
Syd’s dating Noah (for now…)
Vaughn’s dating Alice (for now…)

Comprende? Ahh forget it. Just read. You'll figure it out.

Chapter One

Sydney’s POV

“I’ll be right there, Noah!” I yelled from my bedroom, where I was trying to get ready for the Halloween party we were going to. Granted, after just getting back from a long day of work analyzing and translating papers for the CIA, I was a little harried. Of course, everyone else just thinks I was doing banking all day, so I have to act peppy and ready for a night of mingling.

“Come on, Sydney! How long does it take to get into your costume?” Noah joked from the other side of the door. “What are you going as, anyway?”

I sighed. Noah was a great guy and all, but sometimes he just didn’t understand how complicated her life was. Not that I could expect him to. The Sydney he knew was a banker, not a CIA analyst. How could he know how hard it was to juggle lives like I had to?

“You’ll see…” I said, straightening my dress in the mirror. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Apparently he had been leaning on the door, because as soon as I turned the knob he practically fell on top of me.

“Whoa.” he said, stepping back to get a better look at my costume. “No one else could make Scarlett O'Hara look so hot." he complimented, motioning for me to turn around.

“Thanks And you are… A Soviet spy?”

“Cold war, baby.” Noah said, pulling me close for a quick kiss. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah. Lets go. We don’t want to keep Francie and Will waiting.” I replied, and they went out to meet the others in the front hall. I just wanted to get this party over with so I could sleep.

Francie, dressed as Catwoman, was standing in the front hall, talking animatedly to Will, who was dressed up as a reporter.

“Real original, Will.” I laughed.

“Syd, you look… Great. I love the dress.” Francie said, changing the subject.

“Thanks.” I was forced to do another twirl for Francie, who continued to admire the beautiful crimson dress. “Ready?” Everyone nodded.

The party was close enough for us to walk to, although it was getting chillier out every minute. I hoped we would be able to find our way back home in the dark after the party.

“Hey Francie?” I said, as we all walked down the sidewalk.

“Yeah, girl?”

“Who’d you say was throwing the party again?”

“This guy I met at the restaurant… Eric Weiss? He’s really sweet. You’ll like him.”

I nodded. It was no one I knew. As we walked on, Francie still talking away, Noah slid his arm around me. A few minutes later, we were there.

Vaughn’s POV

“Oh my god… How many people did you invite, Weiss?” I asked, my mouth slightly agape as I watched the people spilling into the house we shared. “Do you even know all these people?”

“No, not really, but hey, the more the merrier, right?”

“Whatever you say man… Why are we throwing a party again?”

“I told you! To meet some chicks! We need to find you a girl, man.” Weiss said, elbowing me and pointing to some blond across the room. “How about her?”

“What about Alice?” I asked incredulously. I know Weiss is a little air-headed sometimes, but you would think he’d remember that I have a girlfriend. That’s the kind of thing you just don’t forget.

“What about Alice?”

“She’s my girlfriend. I think she’d definitely have a problem with my “meeting chicks.”

“She’d probably have a problem with you working with the CIA, too, but that doesn’t stop you, does it?” Weiss said. I glared. “You could do so much better than her, man. Just you wait. Uncle Weiss will hook you up.” I glared more. “Hey, watch it. Your face might get stuck like that. And then no one will want you.” Weiss laughed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I think that blond over there is beckoning to me. Wait. Maybe she’s beckoning to you. Yeah. That’s definitely a ‘Come to me, Vaughn’ beckon. Damn you and your green eyes, defined jaw, .”

“Weiss.” I finally cut him off. “Shut up.” I said, looking around. “Where is Alice?”

“Dunno. Haven’t seen her.” Weiss said, obviously not paying attention. Instead he was focused on the door. “Ooh yea. Francie showed up. And she brought company.”

“What?” I asked, totally confused. Who the hell is Francie? I thought. See, this is what I’m talking about. Last time I let Weiss throw a party. This guest list is out of control.
“Come on. I want you to meet some people.” And a moment later I was being dragged by Weiss over towards the doorway.

And then, as we broke through the veritable wall of people, I saw her.

She was standing by the door with a woman I could only assume to be Francie, in a red dress. I lost track of what Eric was saying, consumed with my own thoughts.

Damn. Wait. Hold on. Why are you saying damn? You just met the girl. Actually, you don’t even know her name. And you have a girlfriend. Remember Alice? Nice, sweet, Alice? Weiss elbowed me in the side, causing me to blush a little. Luckily I was in costume as Zorro, so the mask probably hid my face pretty well.

“And this is Vaughn. Vaughn, meet Francie, who makes the best food ever, and her friends…” Weiss trailed off, allowing Francie to introduce her friends.

“The reporter is Will…” Francie said, pausing so that Will could shake our hands. “And this is Sydney Bristow, my roommate.”

“Hey.” Sydney said, smiling up at me after greeting Weiss. “You can call me Syd.”

“Michael. You can call me Michael.” I said, still lost in her eyes.

“I think I prefer Vaughn.” She said, her smile widening. “If that’s all right with you?” I didn’t trust myself to open my mouth without saying something stupid or drooling, so I just smiled back.

“Ahem.” The last person in the group, a tall, dark-haired man, coughed loudly, causing Sydney to drop my hand abruptly.

“Oh, and this is Noah Hicks, Sydney’s boyfriend.” Francie continued.

Damn. Of course she’d have a boyfriend. I thought as I held out my hand for Noah to shake. He hesitated a moment before taking my hand, meeting my eye with a glare that oh so simply said, Mine. Back off.

Syd’s POV

We were all awed by the amount of people crammed into such a small space. There were people everywhere, in every conceivable costume. And we didn’t know any of them.

Standing in the hall, I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious. When a guy in a doctor’s coat whistled on his way in, I began to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I was just heading off to find one when Francie stopped me by the shoulder.

“Syd, wait. Here comes Eric.” She said, motioning to the two men heading toward us. One appeared to be Houdini, the other Zorro. “Hey.” She said as they came with in hearing distance, which was fairly close, due to the chaos that was the party.

“Hey Francie. I’m glad you made it.”

“Thanks for inviting me. You said to bring some friends, so…” Francie motioned to Will, Noah and I.

“Great. Uh, I’m Eric Weiss, and yes, that’s why I’m dressed as Houdini… Oh, and this is Vaughn.” He said, elbowing the taller man dressed as Zorro. I looked up at him. The mask concealed most of his face, but I could see his eyes. He had green eyes, the most amazing green eyes I’d ever seen. I smiled. “Vaughn, meet Francie, who makes the best food ever, and her friends…” Weiss smiled.

Francie introduced us, starting with Will.

“And this is Sydney Bristow, my roommate.” I shook Weiss’s hand first, then moved on to Vaughn. His hand was strong, but it emitted a gentle warmth, quite welcome after our cold walk.

“Hey.” I started, trying not to sound like I was still lost in his eyes. “You can call me Syd.”

“Michael. You can call me Michael.” He said, and I could see the smile in his eyes, even if I couldn’t see his face.

“I think I prefer Vaughn.” I replied, then quickly added “If that’s all right with you?” I could feel myself blushing. To try and hide it, I reached up with my free hand and tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

“Ahem.” Noah’s so obviously fake cough startled me, causing me to drop Vaughn’s hand a little more quickly than I would have otherwise.

“Oh, and this is Noah Hicks, Sydney’s boyfriend.” Francie continued. Yeah, Sydney. Noah. Your boyfriend. Remember? Your boyfriend with the stunning green eyes?

Wait. Gray eyes. I meant gray eyes. Stunning gray eyes.

As the two men shook hands, I didn’t need to see Noah’s face to know what it looked like. It was scary. I knew it was scary.

A moment of awkward silence ensued. I was relieved when I saw the woman appear behind Vaughn..

“Oh, Everyone, this is Alice, Vaughn’s girlfriend. Alice, meet Francie, Will, Sydney, and Noah.” Weiss quickly said, eager to end the silence.

Great. His girlfriend. I think that this would be a good time to take that trip to the bathroom, Syd.

“Um, Eric. Which way is your bathroom?”

“Go past the kitchen, down the hall on the right, and it’s the second door on the left… Um, well, It’s a bit confusing, now that I think about it. Do you want Vaughn to show you where it is?”

No. Anything but that.

“Thanks, but I’ll manage.” I flashed the group one last smile before heading off. Thisis going to be a long night.


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Great work so far!!! Can't wait for an update:)

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^_^ hehe i love it!!

And then, as we broke through the veritable wall of people, I saw her.
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Luckily I was in costume as Zorro, so the mask probably hid my face pretty well.
:drool: :love: i would LOVE to see that!! :P hehe :love:

Damn. Of course she’d have a boyfriend. I thought as I held out my hand for Noah to shake. He hesitated a moment before taking my hand, meeting my eye with a glare that oh so simply said, Mine. Back off.
hehe but she wont have boyfriend for much longer, will she? :angelic: ;) ^_^

i love it!!! please pm me when you update!! :hug:
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Hey!! This is really good!! Can I get a pm please?? And can I be an addict?? I know, just one chapter, but I can tell this is going to be really good!!!!
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