Announcements Enhanced Search comes to Alien Soup!


Code Monkey
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This weekend I've made some changes to the server & site to allow for much more robust searching.

Previously searching was limited and it was difficult to search for short words like "MP3" or even common words like "sci-fi". :banghead:

With the changes in place not only are those types of words now searchable but the search results should come back much faster! (y)

Feel free to try it out.
Thanks to @Daniel Hood the searches here at Alien Soup have a few nice new touches! :cool:

First is 'search as you type' suggestions. When you start entering something to search for in the search box you will be automatically shown a list of suggested items.


Also new is suggestions for you during your search results. For example, if you were searching for William Shatner and accidentally type in "shatnor" then previously you would have gotten no results found. Now when you type in "shatnor" you will be given a list of possible alternative search suggestions that you may be looking for. Just click on the word in the results to search for the suggested alternative.


Daniel has some other things planned for the future so if you've got suggestions be sure to speak up. :D