Envoys - a new short sci fi story


I recently completed a short sci fi story write up and am making it available for public consumption. I would appreciate any feedback including interest in a full treatment of the story.

I'm a roboticist, have been working on self-driving cars for a while and other odd mobile bots. Over the years, ideas for stories around such technology come and go...and this one just kept sticking. I shared the idea with some friends and colleagues and the general consensus seemed to be that it was interesting.

So I finally put something down and want to share it with the sci fi community.

For lack of any knowledge of where to best start publishing this kind of story, I put "Envoys" on Amazon for Kindle download: Amazon.com: Envoys eBook: Perrone, Paul: Kindle Store

I'm really interested to see if more folks think this would be an interesting story to run with a more in depth treatment.

Thank you,

Paul J. Perrone