Season 5 Ep 18 Script Pages

:jawdrop: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TNX DD wicked spoilersssssss OMG VAUGHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES SO STUBBORN!!!!!!!!!!! okie i can understand why he wouldn't belive syd or jack buh i mean i think wha jack said to him went in one ear and out the other because Lauren acts the same way as IRINA! buh maybe thats why he bugs their room in the next eppy sooo... and finally we kno bout Jack he KNEW that irina was "bad"



:sideroll: WOW!!! Thanks was a great spoiler. I normally try not to come here, but I was in need of a dose of Alias I've been going crazy just waiting :Prop:

But we all no know nothing is what it what it seems, although I would love to see Lauren get beat....I want to see Sydneys's face when Lauren is busted. I don't think she gets killed...and Vaughn, omg he needs a little beaten too

...he needs to WAKE UP! :smash: :D
can't wait for this episode!!! it sounds great! finally vaughns gonna learn the truth about his wifel.... even though he chooses to be as stubborn as a mule and believe the opposite of the truth and jack talks about his intimacy about Irina, that's a first!!
Alyce9967 said:
And I wouldn't put too much thought into Vaughn's anger towards Sydney. Remember in Season 2 when Vaughn and Sydney go on a mission and Jack has the place rigged with explosives to blame Irina. When Vaughn told Sydey about his suspicions, she said some pretty nasty stuff to him.

But I'm sure he will apologize to Sydney later.
I agree but Vaughn has been so fake this season until I get way
people are calling him a A**H*L*
i can't wait for this!!! it's going to be so awsome, Finally everyone sees Lauren in her true light! :P she looses! and Vaughn the man nees to get out of denial! ;) hahaha......but this should be great i can't wait for the convo. with Jack and Vaughn :woot: (now only if Jack would punch Vaughn and make him see reality (y) )


CIA Director
Joyie said:
Clearly, I overestimated Ms. Reed's

A little to late for that.

She is still on the inside. I'll make
sure she acquires the information the CIA
stole from us. Once she passes it along
-- she will be eliminated
Omg! Sark going to kill her!!!! I can't wait!! :woot:

Jack needs to slap Vaughn a few times to wake him up!
OK how lame am I? the show will be on in about 4 hours and I couldn't wait I am dying cause this one looks so good I can't wait! bad spoiler reader bad spoiler reader!
on that spoiler, is that ALL that happened? If so, NOTHING HAPPENED? Did anyone WATCH the episode? If so, give me a step-by-step walkthru if more happened (this is the first episode all season that I missed - including that one episode they didn't promote)...