Epic new sci-fi Fantasy Novel:M.V.M. Mech vs. Magic:The Battle for Harpatia


M.V.M. MECH vs. MAGIC: THE BATTLE FOR HARPATIA – The story of a world at odds with itself causing chaos on another.
(ISBN-9780984-805501. 304 pages, Trade paperback, $17.00 usd)

What happens when high tech robotic war machines collide with wizards and warriors? Mech vs. Magic will take you on a magical journey that is rarely seen in the Sci-fi-Fantasy game. This exciting new author will reshape your opinion of what’s hot in sci-fi.

The Woodlands, Texas, January 2011–Scientists are scrambling to find a way to solve the serious energy crisis on earth when they find and decode a secret star map in the Egyptian pyramids that leads them to an everlasting source of energy. The ruthless General Hezekai embarks on a mission to invade the distant planet of Harpatia with his army of Mechs. These armies of human operated war machines are going to seize control of the precious energy that awaits them on Harpatia, but it might not be as easy as they think. They might have been the dominant fighting force on Earth, but nothing could have prepared them for what they encountered upon invading the Harpatians.

Follow King Leinad Seven, his brother Gressit, and the Warrior Cassion as they use their elemental magic and other abilities in the defense of their home planet Harpatia. Epic battles unfold as General Hezekai leads his robotic war machine army of Mechs, the MVF, against the magic wielding wizards and warriors of Harpatia. King Leinad Seven enlists the help of the Harpatian Elite Guard, the School for Combat and Magic Arts, the Dragon Legion, and the nearby Nowries, an Ogre like people, as he is truly tested in battle for the first time. Which side will shall come out victorious?
“Epic Science Fiction-Fantasy at its best, what a thrill ride!” Hunter Matlock
“Overall the story was captivating and intriguing. I believe M.V.M. will be very popular for adults, teens, and SFF fans worldwide.” Carly Lester
Daniel Neves of Houston, TX, a father of two kids and loving husband is a lifetime fan, student, and reader of the Science Fiction-Fantasy genre brings you a story of an epic battle between two worlds. Daniel hopes this Sci-Fi tale will be loved by Science Fiction and Fantasy readers across the globe. M.V.M. Mech vs. Magic: The Battle for Harpatia.
To request a review copy or to set up an interview please contact Daniel Neves via email at dneves808@gmail.com book available at mechvsmagic.com and www.amazon.com.:cool::D;):thumbs_up::thumbs_up:


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
interesting concept. Joss Whedon's 'Angel' explored this some, esp end of series when Angel's group ran the LA office of Wlfram/Hart. the Fred character specialized in techno meets magic stuff.
Thanks bro, I am currently doing yet another editing session, I hired my 5th editor to polish the first 150 pages for 400 dollars. I got roasted by two jerks on amazon after I released a month ago, their main complaint was run ons, so I am doing 1 last editing run, after that the world will either love it or hate it! Check it out at www.mechvsmagic.com