Eugentics Wars : The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh

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This was a great series of books. Very fast paced and interesting, and blended several Star Trek episodes as well as Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan. If you love Star Trek and the character Khan and the idea of genetically enhanced human beings. I suggest you pick up a copy. Here is a brief summary of the books taken from Wikipedia:

Plot summary: Volume One

The first volume deals mostly with the Chrysalis Project, which was how Khan Noonien Singh and the rest of the supermen were created. The genetically engineered "Children of Chrysalis" were mentally and physically superior to ordinary men and women. They were five times stronger than the average person, their lung efficiency was 50 percent better than normal, their heart valve action had twice the power of an average human, and their intelligence was double that of normal humans. When Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln begin to learn about this project, Roberta goes undercover as a scientist that wants to join the Chrysalis Project. The members of Chrysalis are convinced that she is who she claims to be, and she is allowed to join. Roberta heads out to an underground complex beneath the Thar Desert in India where the project is housed. Once there, Roberta begins to work out a way to stop the project.
Roberta and Gary Seven finally decide that they should blow up the nuclear reactor that runs the underground complex. Of course, being humanitarian, they do not wish anyone to be harmed, so they give all of the scientists plenty of time to leave and Roberta uses Gary's matter transporter to get the children (including the then young Khan) to safety. The complex is destroyed, along with the project's head & Khan's birth mother, Sarina Kaur, who refused to leave her life's work.
This was not the last time Khan would have to deal with Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln, however. Gary Seven kept tabs on Khan and initially hopes to train Khan as his successor. But, at the end of the book, Khan betrays Gary and Roberta and the hopes that Khan could be Seven's apprentice are completely shattered.

Plot summary: Volume Two

In the second volume, Seven tries to prevent World War Three from breaking out. He has to deal not only with Khan, but with many of the other "Children of Chrysalis", most of whom are now major political figures (including an African military strongman, a European dictator, an American leader of a separatist movement, and a religious cult leader).
The superhuman men and women begin to battle for power and several of them manage to gain influence. None, however, have more power than Khan. At first, Khan seems to be building an empire, but, after several assassination attempts by fellow supermen and riots of his people, he begins to lose everything.
After Khan feels that he is doomed to be defeated, he begins to power up his Morning Star Satellite, which will destroy the ozone layer and kill all life on earth after he dies. Seven convinces Khan that it would be better to forge a new life elsewhere, using the stolen DY-100 sleeper ship that he and Roberta obtained from Area 51. Khan and a large group of the other superhumans leave on the ship in search of a better life. The novel ends in 1996 as Seven leaves Earth for retirement.

Secondary plot

The novels contain a secondary plotline about James T. Kirk going on a top-secret mission to the Paragon Colony on the planet Sycorax, which wishes to become a part of the United Federation of Planets. The problem is that the planet is inhabited by genetically altered humans. This goes against the current laws of the Federation and, therefore, Starfleet Command has kept the colony's request secret. Dr. McCoy wonders if the members of Starfleet have "lost their paper-pushing minds" in even considering to allow the colony to join but Spock feels that the Federation could make room for the Paragon Colony. However, it is up to Kirk whether or not to allow the colony to join.
After arriving it is discovered that the Klingons have sent a ship of their own in the hopes of getting the colony to join the Klingon Empire to help them with their own genetics programs. However, after several incidents, the colonists order the Klingons to leave, but not before a bomb is placed in the colony and a hole is blown in the dome that protects the city from the harsh conditions of the planet. Kirk then takes a shuttlecraft and extends its shields around the hole in the dome. However, this leaves the shuttle vulnerable to the planet's weather.
Kirk saves the colony but, in the end, does not allow it to join the Federation.


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I will definitely have to check these out. Probably purchase them through Amazon. Khan is one of the greatest villains in all of science fiction, let alone, the Star Trek universe. Great, now I also have the urge to watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! LOL Well, it is my personal fav from the movies featuring the original crew. Thanks for the tip, LatinumHeart. Your input on this site is greatly appreciated.