Ex-Pat in Oz rings UK police over "crime happening on Webcam"!!!


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BBC NEWS | UK | Aussie man reports crime in Devon

so, there you are. all the way across the world, you've recently had broadband installed and you can wistfully stare through a series of webcams in your country of origin.

whats that? a car pulls up and two people run out to a small building and appear to be trying the security shutters with a view to gaining entry? open your browser, locate the relevant county police, ring them up and then watch the webcam as the police move in, surround the pair and grab them!

here it was only a couple out at 0330hrs having an argument, but i bet the policemen were drawing straws to see who got to get out and see if they could make the news with such a novel arrest! although i bet they felt a little let down when they couldn't get the arrest they wanted, but they certainly enjoyed that shift :)

in an age where cctv is becoming a part of life and a useful tool for the police forces across the country, it's not so strange that the cctv operators could be working from that city centre, or across the world as a result of broadband internet. many people work from home operating helplines for companies, using their internet connections. the technology is there, the workforce available from different timezone can ensure 24hr coverage (and at day rates too, no more night shift overtime payments required!) as long as they don't farm out the work to indian call centres as per our current telephone service fiascos across the board over here